If you belong to the working population of the world, and have a professional job in either the private or the public sector, then you would probably know how difficult it is to secure a job. The multiple aptitude tests, to see if you are a good fit for the company, the numerous interview rounds, with various members of the company, and in certain cases. A mock day at the job. Interviewers and people looking for a job, know, just how difficult the recruitment process is, for any company.

However, believe it or not, if you are an employer, the recruitment season or process, can become even more difficult for you. Recruiters have to go through thousands, of not lakhs of applications each day, during the hiring season, earlier recruitment software was a tedious task in itself since each and every applicant had to be combed through physically. This required, an immense amount of company time, and resources. The process of recruitment software is as important as it was, back in the day, however, technology today has made it immensely easy. Now companies can simply use applicant tracking software, to shortlist potential candidates.

How can software be used to determine who would be a good fit for a company?

When it comes to a job role, a company has many requirements, that a person needs to meet, to only be eligible to apply for the role. Everyone knows that a company is run, on the collective effort of each and every individual working in it. Every person has a very specific role and it is only when they adhere to that role, and fulfil their duties, diligently and effectively, that the company progresses and experiences growth. Apart from their education, also an applicant has various qualities, both Quantative and qualitative. The fast-paced world we live in today, and the plethora of job seekers, for each role, it becomes physically impossible for a single recruiter or a team of recruiters, to sit through assessing each and every applicant. This is where an applicant tracking software comes into play.

How does a tracking software work?

Using an applicant tracking systemto determine potential candidates can be customised to incorporate the qualities that a hiring company, looks for, in particular, in the people applying for a job role. All the details of the people who have applied for the role, such as their résumé, their cv, their past experiences etc, are then entered into the software and it is left to work. This software then combs through thousands of applicants in a matter of mere minutes and generates a shortlisted list of who would be the best suited for a role, depending upon the parameters entered by an employer.

Using an application tracking system, not only saves company time, but also increases efficiency. Company personnel and resources can be better used during the recruitment season, and since it is a programmed software, the scope of error in assessing an applicant, is also very minimal. Overall, this software is nothing short of a blessing for companies.

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