In a world full of competition, businesses have been transformed to a great level. Due to the terrific demands of mobile apps, entrepreneurs have shifted their ventures online in a form of applications, as there are many available for satisfying different purposes. But, over the past few years, multi-service apps have received terrific user demands.

When super apps are concerned, some names like Gojek, Grab, Careem, and many others come to mind. From those, Gojek is one that became popular in a massive region of Southeast Asia and is a key contributor to the huge growth of these applications. It also influenced many entrepreneurs to get a Gojek like platform for their businesses. But how an app like Gojek helps them earn more money by operating a multi-service venture through it?

However, Gojek is based in Jakarta and was founded in Indonesia in 2010. An organization previously provided only two services, and later in 2015, a company added 2 more facilities to its rack: GoSend, GoFood, GoShop, and GoRide. Later with further progress, a firm is offering 20 distinct services to its customers in 8 countries, became the first ‘Indonesian Unicorn,’ and launched GoStore, which helps small and mid-sized enterprises to set up their stores online easily.

Furthermore, the company stood at 17th and 11th position in fortune’s ‘50 companies that changed the world’ in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

An article will inform you about some Gojek market figures and how you can earn more money using a Gojek like app. Consider each of them mentioned as follows in detail.

Gojek Statistics:

As one of the market’s giant players, it is evident that it must possess a significant amount of users from Indonesia. According to sources of 2019, there are about 29.2 million monthly active users displayed in the below image:

Source: Statista

While Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore trailed behind by 4.3 million, 2 million, and 0.8 million MAUs, respectively.

But, if we consider MAUs of Gojek in the whole Southeast Asia, then a total reached at 38 million monthly active users, as per the report of 2020. It is because consumers prefer to use this application, as they get access to a plethora of services integrated under one roof.

Hence, by witnessing such demands of customers for using a multi-service solution, the local entrepreneurs are motivated to develop an app like Gojek that assists their enterprises in earning significant fame and revenue. Moreover, its uniquely designed business and revenue strategies help ventures to rise higher in the market and to achieve substantial conversions.

Refer to the following section to know different ways by which Gojek similar platform helps entrepreneurs in increasing their earnings.

How Can You Earn More Money Using an App Like Gojek?

Before initiating the topic of earning a considerable income using a platform like Gojek, you would be astonished to know that within less than a decade, about 30% of online transactions are being processed in Indonesia through Gojek’s GoPay. It suggests that there are very bright opportunities open for your enterprise to earn considerably by developing and using Gojek like solution offering numerous benefits to users.

You, as an entrepreneur, can generate a high income as the platform similar to Gojek provides startup owners with diversified revenue streams, which helps them to charge a certain amount from the stakeholders of a solution. Also, it opens many other ways for a startup owner to earn a significant income.

The business owners can charge a fixed amount for advertising the different products of particular brands on their platform and by including several subscription plans for accessing particular services consisting of advanced functionality. Moreover, entrepreneurs charge a commission from different categories of users stated below on behalf of providing them with numerous facilities.

Commission From Consumers

The users of a solution can book and seek any service at a preferred location from a vast range provided to them to satisfy their particular purposes. In return, administrators charge some fees from customers to provide the benefits at their convenience. So, it becomes a source of income for entrepreneurs.

Commission From Shop Owners

To gain a substantial user base, admins allow local shop owners to enroll in a solution to get significant conversions. Therefore, entrepreneurs charge a commission in fixed proportion from them on every order completion and booking received from a solution, which gets accounted as one of the revenue channels for an enterprise.

Commission From Partners

Users willing to work in their extra hours can register as a partner on a platform. They can earn an extra income by delivering particular services and can also get a bonus by referring the solution for usage to their friends and relatives. Thus, to gain all such benefits from a solution like Gojek, the partners need to pay a minimal amount on receiving earnings from each completed order.

Hence, in this way, a Gojek similar solution helps your enterprise earn more money than a previous traditional approach because it provides you with the above-mentioned revenue streams. Consumers nowadays prefer marketplace applications to meet their daily needs efficiently, so it’s a perfect time to establish an online multi-service business. Furthermore, it could probably assist you in earning a significant income by drastically transforming your venture, as your every task gets automated and can be accomplished rapidly by performing a few actions.

Final Verdict:

Thus, in the final verdict, one can easily derive that by observing an enormous demand of Gojek, it is suggestible to get its similar solution. Nowadays, there is an ongoing trend of using multi-service applications from which an enterprise can take advantage by offering numerous benefits to customers. In addition, the startup owners also get their question of how does an app like Gojek help them to earn more money answered by referring to this post.