Social networking apps are present on every type of cellphone you just name it. People love to use social messaging apps on their digital devices all day long to stay in contact with friends and family members. There are plenty of instant messengers are available on the web but when it comes to Facebook messenger it has made its way to the next level. People of all ages are using this particular social media app and spend hours and hours on it.

It means every used to of getting access to it to make their personal account to use it for free communication. That’s why people are certainly trying to track conversations of someone’s messenger to know about the nature of the conversation for their hidden motives. Therefore, they are trying to get their hands on such type of tool that enables them to monitor conversation on messenger.

Who want to track conversation on messenger?

Though there are plenty of people out there looking forward to tracking someone’s instant messenger’s conversation, certainly there are three major groups. Parents want to set parental control on kid’s digital phones to spy on Facebook messages and chats conversations to make sure their online safety. Online predators likewise, cyber bullies, sex offenders, and stalkers are on the rise on messenger, and parents have to take care of the children. On the other side, employees used to waste working hours on business owned phones on FB.

So, employers have to track employee’s activities in working hours on the company’s devices. Online infidelity is another issue and people get involved other than spouses and partners on instant messenger. So, parents and employers and people in a relationship want to track Facebook activities of children, employees, and spouses respectively.

Therefore, you need to use cell phone spy software on someone’s mobile to track the conversation and other activities on the social messaging app. let’s get to know how you can get your hands on it and how to install and how you can use its powerful features to get the job done.

Install phone tracking app to monitor FB messenger’s conversations

You can do surveillance on someone’s mobile installed social media app but you have to initially monitor the handset running with the messenger. Furthermore, you need to have a powerful and sturdy tool that enables you to get the job done easily. Now use the installed web browser of your mobile and then use the internet and also visit the official webpage of a mobile tracking app.

 Once you are the page get subscription instantly. Furthermore, get access to the email account inbox and collect the credentials. Moreover, get the physical access on someone’s device and once you have it then instantly get started with the process of installation. Afterward, you have to activate it on the target device and it will remain invisible even on the latest OS version of mobile. Now recall the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Once you have activated the web control panel then you can get access to the powerful tool that empowers you to see the chats conversation, messages, and plenty of other activities happening on the target device installed social messaging app.

Use mobile tracking software tools to see messenger conversation

Live screen recording

I would say this would be the best of the best tool of all time when it comes to tracking of instant messaging apps. You can activate this particular tool screen recorder software and it will instantly start recording of the screen in terms of short back to back videos. Furthermore, you can send the entire screen recording active with the Facebook messenger to the online dashboard. Now get access to the online web portal where you can get your eyes on the videos and get to know about all the conversation on social media apps.

IM’s social media

Use the online dashboard and further get access to the social media messenger tracking app. it empowers you to get the logs of instant messenger likewise text messages, chats conversations, audio-video call logs, and last but not least Voice messages.


Cell phone spy app is the best tool for social media tracking and further, let you know all the text messages sent received and conversation happening on the Facebook messenger.