Trees add a great deal of magnificence to our landscapes. You may get fruits, shade or colorful flowers from your trees, but sometimes they can also be a nuisance by attracting insects, blocking out light and shedding leaves on your neighbours’ gardens.

This can also happen occur the other way around; the branches of your neighbour’s trees may hang over your garden or leaves may fall into your yard.

In both situations, you need to be aware of their rights regardingoverhanging trees, so that you can take the correct action.

Overhanging branches or hazardous trees are one of the mainreason’s neighbourhoods dispute.When you or your neighbour have an issue with the othertrees, the best thing to do is talk and reach a mutualagreement. This way you won’t have to get involved legally.

Here are the few things about overhanging branches that you should know:

  • Disputes related to trees are covered by ‘common law’; this is the law that the court has developed over time.
  • A resident can trim the branches of a tree if it falls in their property, at their own cost. This is known as the ‘right of abatement.’ During this process, if you cause any harm to the tree, you will be liable.
  • If you want your neighbour to bear the cost of maintenance, you will have to show that the tree is damaging your property.
  • Before cutting down the tree, you should check with the local council to make sure the tree is not under protection. If it is protected, you will need permission to remove it.

How to Resolve a Tree Dispute?

Things will be better if the matter does not go to the court; it is an excellent idea to negotiate with the other party on your own to get to a conclusion. Remember, the local council will not help you resolve a dispute or fix any overhanging branches for you until the tree is on council land.

Tree service providers can help you here, get them to inspect the tree’s condition, safety issues and the maintenance required. If the tree is unsafe, ask them to write it out for you so that you can show your neighbour, or the council.Also, get a quote for the required maintenance and discuss it with the owner. Contact Riverside tree trimming services to help you get the job done. 

When you hire a tree service provider ensure they are based locally, so that they know all the rules and regulations of your area. They can also help you to determine if the overhanging branches on your property are legal or not. The Local Tree Expert make sure that all of your requests are responded to on time and that we give you accurate answers and advice.

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