It is difficult to keep your carpets clean when you have pets. Cats and dogs are indoor animals, but they shed pet dander. We suggest you vacuum the carpets twice a week. However, getting a pet’s smell out of the rug is never easy. You need a professional carpet cleaning service to remove it. 

Let’s find out some other ways to keep your carpets clean.   

1. Buy Stain Resistant Carpet 

If you wish to carpet your floor, please buy a stain-resistant carpet. It is costly but lasts for an extended period. It has protective layers on the fibers to withstand steam cleaning, vacuuming and spills. 

2. Scotch Guard the Carpet 

If you have a carpet, you should apply a scotch guard. It also works as a stain-resistant carpet, but you have to repeat it after a certain period of time to maintain the quality of the fibers. However, you should hire an expert because missing a spot can help the stains pass the scotch guarding and damage the carpet.  

3. Cleaning Pet Urine 

Removing pet urine is the most challenging task when it comes to carpet cleaning. You can try a DIY solution first; hire professional services if it does not work. 

  • Use paper towels to suck up the water quickly. It helps in preventing the spread of urine. 
  • After that, please mix one spoon of ammonia and one cup of water. 
  • Spray the mixture of the area and let it dry for 10 minutes. 
  • Use a brush to clean the area. 
  • Use wet/dry vacuums to suck the moisture of the area. 

This prevents the urine from staining. However, if it fails, then you should rely on professional carpet cleaning techniques. 

4. Keep Your Pet’s Nails Trimmed 

Sometimes the nails of the pet cause damage to carpets. It is ideal to use pet nail files to remove the rigidity of the nails. It also helps to protect carpets; otherwise, when a pet runs around and gets excited, it may cause less fluffy, bare spots on the carpets. 

5. Professional Home Inspection 

You should hire a professional team for a home inspection. Experts will arrive at your location and set the best method to clean the carpets properly. It may not be possible for you to detect excessive moisture in your premises. You should rely on professional carpet cleaning services for the best results. 

6. Use a Hardwood or Tile Entrance 

Prevent wet and muddy feet by arranging a hardwood or tile entrance. Some dogs play in the mud. After walking, when the dog enters, it makes prints on the carpets next to the entry door. Some types of dirt are difficult to remove, and you need professional help for such cleaning. 

7. Vacuuming 

Please clean the carpets twice a week with a vacuum. It prevents issues like pet dander, shed and odor. Pet saliva can cause unpleasant odors in the room. Please move your furniture and electrical appliances and vacuum carpet flooring thoroughly. If your pet plays on the carpets, it would be better to vacuum the area. Please do not take this lightly; apply home remedies or call experts for the solution. 

8. Use a Carpet Powder 

There are several carpet powders in the market. Sprinkle powder on the carpet and allow it to stay on the surface. After that, vacuum the area twice by thoroughly going over the entire carpet. In the first run, it pulls up the powder, and the second time it removes the hair, dander trapped in the fibers.   

9. Monthly Steam Cleaning 

We recommend that you steam clean the carpets once a month. Please use a mild cleaner for a better cleaning experience. These method need different machines for cleaning. It is best to buy a carpet cleaner that freshens up the carpets. 

There are several steps to maintaining carpet quality. However, you should take professional help for the best results. In our water damage restoration Canberra services, we use industry-grade equipment to restore your carpets properly. If you need an emergency carpet cleaning solution, you can visit our service page or call us for an Express booking.