Depending on the size of your dining table, it can be challenging to know what you should put on top to make it look nice every day, especially if you don’t use it that often. This list of different decorative items will give you ideas on how to decorate your dining table no matter the size so that it can still have the same appearance each time you sit down to enjoy a meal with your family or just read and relax on your own. 

Decorate Your Table for Daily Use With These Decorative Items 

Here are eight items to decorate your table for daily use.

1)A Ceramic Coffee Mug 

A ceramic coffee mug is a fun and unexpected way to add some color. Choose one that complements your kitchen or the environment you are decorating for. Even better is that it’s about the exact cost of plastic, which breaks easily and doesn’t hold up well with daily use. It also doesn’t stain or smell like the plastic ones do. The only drawback is it can be fragile and break if dropped, so be careful when cleaning! It can get hot in the dishwasher, so don’t put it on the top rack. 

You may want to purchase two in case one breaks unexpectedly. There are many designs, but make sure they have a lid because things can spill out of them otherwise. 

2) Fresh Flowers 

There are no hard and fast rules when decorating tables with fresh flowers. You can either place them in the center of the table or use them as an accent piece on one side of the table. Either way, they make a statement! If you place them in the center of the table, they will be there all day long. However, if you use them as an accent piece on one side of the table, people will notice your new arrangement when it is changed out periodically. A good rule of thumb is to change them every 2-3 days. 

As always, don’t forget to water them well to stay fresh. Cut Flowers last longer than live ones but tend to cost more because they need to be replaced more often. Have fun experimenting with different arrangements and see what works best for you! 

3) An Eraser 

When working in the office, you often have a lot of paper and other assorted items around you. This means that you need to clean up after yourself as best as possible while still maintaining an eye-catching table. An eraser is perfect for when you want to make quick work of cleaning up after yourself but still want something visually appealing on your desk. Erasers are inexpensive and typically come in various colors, so there’s one available no matter what kind of look you’re looking for.

They also usually come with some form of branding or company logo, which can be great if you want to show off where you work. They’re great because they don’t take up much space and help keep clutter down without removing your decor. 

4) Toothpicks & Tissues 

You can use many different decorative items to decorate your table daily. One common item is toothpicks and tissues, which can be arranged on the napkin ring. To make this table setting:

  • Arrange six toothpicks in two rows of three.
  • Put the napkin on top of the upper row of toothpicks so that it hangs over both sides, with about two inches or more hanging off each side.
  • Place two tissues next to each other at the bottom of the napkin as if they were sitting on the edge of a table.
  • Place another tissue perpendicular to them at an angle, ensuring all three match up.
  • Place four more tissues perpendicular to them in line with the first set of four and space them evenly apart. 

5) Perfume 

Choose an elegant and feminine fragrance that will match your room’s style and the type of atmosphere you want. Citrus scents are ideal for kitchens, cozy fall scents work well in living rooms, and fresh florals compliment any bedroom or hallway. However, if you have sensitivities to fragrance or have guests who do not like it, we recommend using an unscented candle or another room spray instead. Candles can be used on tabletops as long as they’re not left unattended and can be set down by the edge of the table, so they don’t touch anything. 

Room sprays can also be applied sparingly to a cotton ball and rubbed across furniture surfaces for a subtle scent. For instance, rose water can freshen up a kitchen, while lavender would work best in bedrooms. Sachets should be placed under pillows or cushions where people spend most of their time. 

6) Candles/Flame Lights 

There are many ways to decorate your table with candles. If you have round tables, use bowls of flower petals, candles in wine glasses, votives, or tea lights at the center of the table. If you have rectangular tables, place votives or tea lights on platters. Then arrange them along the table length instead of grouping them all in one area. You can also purchase an electric candle/flame light and plug it into the wall outlet. Place these on either side of your centerpiece or the middle of your table. 

Hang some string lights above the table, so they hang down like vines, which is a great way to make your home look magical! Bring in plants: If you have green space outside, bring some live plants and set them near your window. 

7) Small Booklet Holder 

This can go on the end of the table or next to your favorite chair. It will not only give you an easy place to keep things like remotes, business cards, and books, but it will also add style and elegance. You can choose many small book holder styles from which you can choose, and they can be customized based on your personal preference. With prices starting at just $9, there is no reason not to buy one today! They come in leather and fabric options as well as many different colors. Don’t forget the importance of keeping your remote handy so you don’t miss out on the game! 

8) Metallic Skinny Candle Stands 

A metallic skinny candle stand is an integral part of setting the tone. It can be a focal point on the table, tie in with your theme, or look gorgeous and make everyone happy. I prefer these because they are simple but elegant and don’t take up too much space!  These metallic skinny candle stands add a pop of color that not many people do anymore but always look great when you see them. 


It’s important to remember that just because you’re not hosting a formal dinner party doesn’t mean your dining table should be devoid of visual interest and character. Decorating your table for everyday use will make it feel more inviting and help it blend in with your home’s decor – and it doesn’t take much work!

Go Nuptio to find your favorite decorations. Hope the above-mentioned decorative items will help you to decorate your table more nicely for daily use.