First instinct, search for the word “accountant” on Google. Then choose one that is easily accessible and offers the services you are looking for. You can also take references from those around you in case of doubt. As an entrepreneur, an accountant specializing in business and taxation is essential.  

Find out about the prices charged

A Tax Advisor Austria ( Steuerberater Österreich ) is in a great position to know the value of things. To hope that his project is sustainable, a new entrepreneur must also control his costs and investments. He must compare the prices of his providers. The accountant should be no exception to the rule. It is, therefore, quite logical to compare the amounts of fees charged by the different firms. Moreover, once assigned, the expert will be vigilant about all the costs, particularly those of the company’s service providers that he will support. 

Variable fees 

There is no actual minimum or maximum price in accounting expertise. Each chartered accountant determines his fees. It is an over-the-counter market in which everyone is an actor. The only obligation of a chartered accountant is to carry out an engagement letter with his client. 

This contract gives obligations to the professional but also the entrepreneur. The engagement letter describes the fees. It can be a package. But this can also be done according to the quantities treated, the time spent. Here are already a certain number of elements that make it possible to know, more or less, how to choose a chartered accountant? 

There are also other parameters, such as long-term commitment. Almost all mission letters in France refer to at least one year of employment. 

How to choose your accountant?   

Check the nature of the essential services

When approaching a chartered accountant, one expects in the first place that he can keep the accounts. He must carry out the VAT, the balance sheet, and the tax return. In the event of questions about a particular formality, he must provide answers adapted to the different situations that a company may encounter. 

Tools must be made available to be able to do this easily. The accounting firm also helps the entrepreneur in the preparation of his balance sheet and the tax return. The nature of the essential services can make it possible to know how to choose an accountant. 

Make sure you have skills in terms of advice to choose your accountant 

The role of the chartered accountant is not confined to these formalities for which he is competent. His qualifications and experience also allow him to advise entrepreneurs in many of their choices. It can be about human resources, strategic orientation, tax optimization. 

Once a Tax Advisor Austria ( Steuerberater Österreich ) has been entrusted with the monitoring of his accounts, thanks to his skills and experience, he is an observer, a privileged interlocutor. He can advise the entrepreneur. In particular, it can alert it based on specific indicators. This information can relate to financing choices, investments, and decisions in terms of possible recruitments or changes in structure. 

Check its main customers

To ensure their skills, it is possible to check who their main clients are, possibly get information from them to measure the satisfaction coefficient and on a more objective level, check whether the firm provides the services advertised. Finally, it is essential. Once you have drawn up a short-list, it is somewhat relevant to meet these accountants to judge yourself. 

Should you choose a firm that provides online tools? 

It is now imperative for an entrepreneur to have the possibility to interact, to be able to transmit and retrieve elements of information, documents without calling on the post office or couriers. An online platform must allow access at any time to a dashboard, with key indicators to benefit from an interface that limits the re-entry of data and enables the integration of expense reports, bank statements. 

These same tools are easy to use (request online demos), or that the platform provides tutorials to get you started with them. 

That you can easily download, from your customer area, the file of your writings and any other document to send to the administration 

Make sure we have a shared vision and values

This last point is both the most sensitive and the least obvious to explain. But from the moment when we delegate a certain number of tasks, decisions. When we share a certain amount of confidential information on both financial and human resources subjects, it is imperative to share the same values, the same vision for this collaboration to be serene and practical. 

The professionalism of the accountant 

The professionalism of an accountant affects several spheres of activity. The latter’s training is a good example. An accountant who graduated from a professional center may be suitable if one wishes to have simple bookkeeping done. On the other hand, a university-level accountant will be more specialized if you run a business and want to take advantage of targeted tax solutions. 

Tax Advisor Austria ( Steuerberater Österreich ) checks if they have a graduate degree from a recognized university (master’s degree in taxation). Of course, a business specialty should not be neglected either, with the ultimate goal of directing you to various grant and funding programs. 

Then, to protect you and receive the best possible advice, your accountant should be part of a professional order, such as the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec. Membership of this order certifies that your accountant is undergoing continuous training (therefore, is on the lookout for the latest changes to the law), and you will have the possibility of recourse following professional misconduct on his part. 

Knowledge and use of different accounting software would also be appreciated in exercising its function for corporate income tax returns. This simple and effective software provides access to automatic updates of all legislative changes. 

With this software, you can have your data electronically transmitted and access your past returns, which speeds up the process and saves you time and money. 

His experience in accounting 

An experienced accountant like Tax Advisor Austria ( Steuerberater Österreich ) will answer your most in-depth questions about tax reporting and tax strategies for your business. 

The accountant emeritus will probably have an extensive network of contacts, including various professionals such as financial planners, bankers, lawyers, tax specialists, etc., who will complete and enhance their knowledge. Your accountant doesn’t have to know everything inside out, but they should be able to direct you to the right people to answer your questions. 

The relationship of trust 

Last but not least: you must maintain a relationship of trust with your accountant. Trust your instincts too. If you feel disturbed and your accountant isn’t listening to you, just move on. A good relationship is essential since you will have to entrust confidential information to this person. 

The availability of your accountant (feedback on your requests, response time to your emails or phone calls) and his willingness to help you concretely are also other qualities to look for. Your time as an entrepreneur is running out! 

Finally, choosing a Tax Advisor Austria ( Steuerberater Österreich ) who suits you and meets your specific needs is essential to the well-being of your business. Accountant, tax accountant, or accountant specializing in business, name them! Ask questions, educate yourself and be critical. You and your business will benefit!