Velcro is used to minimize the workload during all the creative crafts. The working of Velcro is very rapid and securely fastens things together, allowing to keep items attached and pull apart. Velcro is attached to clothing by sewing, which creates a solid and permanent bond.

Stitching Velcro on clothing asks for great work, and it is labor-intensive, especially in cases of larger projects. That being said, the question of how to attach Velcro on fabric other than a sewing method can be hard for some traditional crafters. Here is some key information you are required to know to make the process of attaching Velcro on fabric easy.

Sticking Velcro to Fabric

Almost all custom clothing labels have Velcro backing. And applying Velcro to a cloth requires little skill, minimal time, and effort. The only thing you should keep in mind is to think about the best way to attach the Velcro on the first try.

Sewing Method

Sewing is the first option for every traditional crafter to attach Velcro to clothing. There are some quicker methods than stitching, but it is advantageous as it provides an incredibly secure and robust bond to the fabric. The whole process of stitching a Velcro on fabric is quick and permanent.

Fabric-Based Tape Method

Suppose you do not want to sew Velcro to the fabric, then you can use fabric tape. Fabric tape also has a significant effect in attaching Velcro to clothing. This method involves easy peeling and sticking technique that permits Velcro to adhere to the fabric without any additional step instantly.

You need to cut the tape in the size you require, peel away the line, and stick it to any clean and dry clothing piece. After that, leave the fabric for a day, and then you are good to go.

Gluing Method

Gluing Velcro to the clothing piece is a popular alternative method to both fabric-based tape and sewing. It is fortunate that a massive range of Velcro adhesives is available in the market that is manufactured for the same purpose. If you have a glue gun at home, you can even use the hot glue method and take the situation up a notch!

Self-adhesive Velcro Patches `        

Velcro patches have ever-lasting durability, and they are super adhesive! Self-adhesive Velcro sticks to almost all types of fabrics with fantastic success. Moreover, there is a condition that most of the generic self-adhesive Velcro has a hook and loop that contains acrylic adhesive or rubber; neither of them attaches to fabrics well.

For the purpose of crafting, you will need to put money into adhesive-backed Velcro that is mainly designed to use on fabrics. You can buy Velcro from any superstore like Home Depot or Walmart.

Before buying, do not forget to check the instructions present on the packet to ensure that the Velcro is intended to be applied tothe fabric. This will save you from disappointment and wasting money on a useless item.

Gluing Velcro to Fabric

It seems alien to use glue on fabric but providing you are applying fabric glue. The job of sticking Velcro on cloth can be made straightforward with the use of fabric glue because the whole process is short and easy.

You do not have to worry about fabric glue damaging your clothing because it does not. It does not even stain or soak your fabric. You can even use fabric glue on all types of material, including delicate ones like lace. The technique of using fabric glue to attach Velcro is simple, with quick steps and a flexible solution.

Removing Velcro from Fabric

It could be challenging to remove glue from the fabric, but it is not impossible. The success of removing adhesive from the material depends upon the glue stain and the fabric. The brand of the glue is also an essential factor in getting rid of fabric glue.

For getting the best results, follow this method carefully

The Freezing Method

  • Remove the excess glue with a plastic scraper or putty knife.
  • Put the fabric in the freezer for an hour.
  • When the glue is frozen, try to take off the bond.
  • Clean the sport with stain remover or solvent to remove any remaining stains.