Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. In 2021, its audience reached 1 billion people. Users spend at least 30 minutes a day on it. Instagram ads are the right tool to tell people about your products and services. And the Instagram influencer platform can help you with this. 

Advertising on Instagram is targeted. It means that you describe the target audience (its interests, geography of residence, and demographic characteristics). The social network looks for such users and shows ads to them. 

People love the Instagram platform, and you can easily start native advertising through the Instagram influencer marketplace. The blogging market has grown significantly. Accounts with millions of subscribers promote ads today. It is easy to deal with them if you know how to do it. It doesn’t matter what you advertise on your websites — software or a flower shop. Influencers will do their best to promote your product.

Benefits of Promoting Ads Through Influencers

Promotion through the Instagram influencer network has several fundamental advantages compared to official targeted advertising or mass following:

  • The authority of the influencer is shifted to you. Bloggers are opinion leaders. They are listened to. Even if it is clear to all subscribers that the post is advertising, they can still use the service or buy the product because they are told about it by a person they trust. At the same time, if a blogger demonstrates a product, this reinforces users’ confidence in you. After all, they immediately see the product in action.
  • Bloggers can take beautiful photos of your product. You don’t have to take photos yourself because bloggers will do it for you. And they will do it much more efficiently than you because they work in their visual style, which is more attractive to their subscribers.
  • Your target audience. The subscribers of a particular influencer are a segmented audience interested in the topic that the blogger writes about.

Where to Look for Influencers?

You can find influencers on the Instagram influencer platform in different ways:

  • Do it yourself. It is the easiest and, at the same time, the most time-consuming option. Find a blogger that suits you, click on the triangle next to the “Subscribe” button, and look at similar accounts. Influencers of the same topic are often connected.
  • Use Instagram ad exchanges. Such an Instagram influencer platform is convenient for both bloggers and advertisers. It facilitates the customer or contractor search, takes on all the organizational work, and ensures the security of the transaction for both parties. Of course, not every Instagram influencer marketing platform has advanced functionality. But the main task is to “connect” the advertiser and the performer. And most Instagram marketing platforms do it successfully.

The Instagram influencer marketing platform is a marketplace helping you reach new audiences, increase brand awareness and image, and ultimately increase sales. The main thing is to pay attention to preparation. You should decide on the purpose of marketing advertising, study the audience, carefully select a blogger, discuss the terms of cooperation with them in detail, and prepare a clear and precise task.