Are you aspiring to be appeared in the coming MDCAT exam? Then most probably you are looking for some tips which you can utilize and do some MDCAT online preparation for it. In this article we are going to share some online and some offline tips which you can utilize and get passed in MDCAT.

MDCAT Online Preparation

The first part is free part and in this you don’t have to buy multiple sets of books for your preparation. All you have to do is browse the MDCAT preparation websites, ready articles on each individual topic and practice the past papers as well. 

Once you are done with all the above steps then the last phase of online preparation will be to attempt some mock exams of MDCAT. How mock, right? Wait, let me explain this a little bit more. There are multiple websites available online which provide the facility of mock exams. They are free of cost and won’t even need to fil out the forms and etc. Just go there and take the exam that’s it. 

MDCAT Offline Preparation

This is the old school method and to be honest the method which I love to follow and do all the time. Are you like me who just get bored while scrolling long content webpages or PDF’s? Then the second part of this article is for you and me because in this part all you have to do is search for a collection of books to order, either you can order them online or visit your nearest book stall and search for some amazing author or publisher collections of books. 

If you would ask me then I am sure to suggest you that go for online purchasing of books because there you would find tons of MDCAT books and prepare for it very easily. In Pakistan those books will be delivered to you within two to three days by the local courier company called TCS almost all the time. 

At the end of those books, you will get past papers too without any extra money but you will lake the mock exam part in this section of preparation because you are not connected with the world through internet in this part of preparation of MDCAT. 

That’s it from our end for this short question which is asked almost all the time over the internet and students are very confused about it. If you liked our article then please don’t forget to share it with your colleagues. That will motivate us a lot.