It is natural to want more followers. More followers will provide more interaction and activity on your profile, and more followers will allow for more sales

It’s important that your Instagram is your own and that you shape it the way you want – your followers have chosen to follow you and follow you because they find you interesting in one way or another. Below we will get into the typical points to get new, but also stick to the existing followers.


It goes without saying that you need to share some great photos and videos – they need to be personal and they need to be just the way you want them. Here you can think about your image and editing style – to make your posts recognizable and get a personal style in over your profile, you can choose e.g. always apply the same filter to your images, apply the same frame, el. lign.

It will create a great result to think about your overall feed and the impression of it. Furthermore, you can let the profile show more about who you are, by letting pictures of the most important thing for you to show dominate. Eg. if you are a foodie, you can let the food images dominate, whose fashion is central to you, let fashion-related images with outfits and the like. dominate – then your followers are in no doubt about what they get out of following you.

You can easily have several “main interests”, just make sure to make it clear. In conclusion, it must be said that images with good lighting perform best. you want more followers than you visit our sites sociallygo.

Frequency & time

To stay in the consciousness of your followers, it requires that you post pictures and stories, because why should your followers keep following if nothing comes from you?

How often you want to post is up to you, but studies show that you can not actually post too much – ie. Commitment on your posts will not decrease despite high frequency. However, the most important thing is that you choose the number of posts per. day and stick to it – so your followers know what to expect and that monotony should ensure the highest commitment.

In general, we would recommend a minimum of 1 image per day and a minimum of 2 stories – to stay in your followers’ feed.

Time also matters, because if you post a picture at 6 in the morning and your followers are not awake at all or on their phone at that time, your picture will disappear from their feed. Try a little harder to find out when your photos get the most response – the general recommendations are in the morning before people go to work, just before lunchtime, in the late afternoon, and again in the evening after 19. These times are approx. and is based on when most people typically want to have time to sit with their phone – if you have a very specific following and their everyday life looks a certain way, you can try to adapt your uploads to it.

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Only the first 125 characters you are sure will appear below your image, the rest will be hidden on smaller screens, and require active action from your followers to be read. Therefore, the text should be short and always with the most important first.

It can e.g. be in the case of a discount code el. similar, so mention this first. Otherwise, you can use the text to personalize your profile and also think here about having a certain uniformity, ie. do you write Danish or English on your profile? Choose one language and stick to it. Are you a diligent user of emoji’s or quotes? Choose the style of your lyrics and stick to it.


Max 9 hashtags pr. image, and max 24 characters per. hashtag – this could give rise to a whole guide in itself, but we have to keep it short! Hashtags are a great way to get more engagement with your photos, and it’s an art to use the right ones. It is important that you use relevant hashtags and that you are a little creative with them so that you do not only use the usual ones – then they will make your images disappear in the crowd.

Furthermore, it is important that you vary the hashtags you use. Also feel free to create your own more personal hashtags e.g. #Mariesfavorites, or whatever makes sense to you and the product you are promoting.

Take people

Take relevant Instagrammers on your photos or in your texts when you are with them or want to mention them. Posts with tags seem more personal and also encourage others to tag you.

Be active

Social media requires you to be social and your activity level has a lot to say for engagement on your profile. Therefore, remember to also like other people’s photos, comment on other people’s photos, and follow other people’s profiles. Being active on other people’s profiles also increases the likelihood that they will take a look past your profile.

Dialogue with your followers

Speaking of being social; talk to and WITH your followers. Engage your followers and show interest in them. Buy Instagram followers Australia stickers make it easy to post questions or polls in your stories – use it to ask your followers about everyday things or even better; what they would like more of from you.