Quickbooks is one of the most astounding independent business bookkeeping programs. It is one of the most remarkable since it’s easy to use. Companies can use it to direct arrangements, costs, laborer finance, etc., to screen their exercises. The QuickBooks Desktop adaptation is essentially utilized on the work area or PCs. So to utilize the bookkeeping program, you should download and install it into the system. Thus, this blog will infer the means for QuickBooks downloads and installation steps. But before moving to download QuickBooks Desktop, let’s look at the features.

Features of QuickBooks 

  • Streamlined Bank Feeds.
  • Automated Receipt Management
  • Rule-Based Customer Groups.
  • Automated Statements/Payment Reminders.
  • Advanced Inventory Improvements in Enterprise.
  • Payroll Liability Reminders. 
  • Customized Payment Receipts.
  • Setup & Reuse Email Templates.

After knowing about the features, let’s move to the procedure for downloads QuickBooks.

Steps to Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop

You can easily download QuickBooks Desktop to the system. But the QuickBooks Downloads have some requirements which must be present in the system. 

  • The computer has Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, 64-bit installed. 
  • Your computer must have a minimum of 4GB RAM (Recommended 8GB RAM) and a 2.4 GHz processor. 
  • A disk space of 2.5GB. 
  • The system must have Microsoft.NET for QuickBooks installation. 
  • Carry the QuickBooks License and product number handy. 

After completing the system requirement, let’s move to the downloading and installing procedure.

Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Firstly, go to the Intuit App area.
  2. Secondly, click on Yes.
  3. From that point forward, Choose the Country, Product, QuickBooks variety, and Edition.
  4. When you reach the download page, click on Download and save the Qb file on the computer (The file is stored in the Download folder).
  5. After that, open the download Quikcbooks.exe from the computer download area or can, on a very basic level, press the Ctrl+J key from the chrome program’s page to open the file.
  6. Thereafter, follow the on-screen steps.
  7. Accept the license agreement.
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Enter the License and Product key.
  10. At long last, click on Yes.

When the QuickBooks Desktop downloads and installs successfully, you must activate it.

Activate QuickBooks Desktop

Activating the QuickBooks Dekstop version is an easy task. You can activate QuickBooks with the following steps: 

  1. Firstly, open the QuickBooks application.
  2. Now, go to the Help menu
  3. Click on Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. At last, verify your info by following the on-screen steps.

After activating the QuickBooks, now it’s time to use it.

How can I use QuickBooks Desktop for Accounting?

To utilize QuickBooks, you need to make a company file; from that point forward, you can design your merchants, things, clients, and monetary records. How about we find out what next with the following:

  • Add your clients and sellers
  • Set up QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
  • Add your workers
  • Set up the things you purchase.
  • Set up your different records like financial balances and so forth.
  • Guarantee QuickBooks is modern by reporting all exchanges happening before the beginning date
  • Set up your deal’s charge data.

Presently begin utilizing the QuickBooks

  • Pick the structure of the right deal and bill your clients
  • Get installments from your clients
  • Take care of your bills
  • Modify your deals structures
  • Set up passwords and extra clients
  • Back up your QuickBooks information

Finishing Up

In the event that your business is small and you are finding accounting and bookkeeping programming, QuickBooks downloads is ideally suited for you. Moreover, it can deal with every one of your earnings and costs and give these reports stored in a company file. So with this blog, we give you the bit-by-bit strategy for download QuickBooks desktop and installation. If you are new to QuickBooks, this guide is ideal for you.