Millions of people use Google’s services around the world. From this information alone, you can see that it is almost impossible for Google to have a single active customer support centre. Contacting Google by phone is almost impossible. For issues such as password resets and account recovery, Google places a high value on user security and does not want hackers to get into their phones. One of the most effective ways to get support from Google is to sign up for a standard Google Workspace package and then upgrade to a paid package for advanced support.

Contact Google by phone

If you had any doubts about reaching Google by phone, you should know that it is possible via the customer service number in France which is 01 42 68 53 00. Calling this number will take you to other menus, but most of them in time, unless you have a problem with your Android device. The end result of the call will be a pre-recorded voice telling you which web page to visit to find the solution to your problem. It is strongly discouraged to call other help numbers you find online, as the majority are scams. A real person may pick up the phone and ask you for money to help you.

Getting help from Google Support

The majority of problems that users encounter when using Google. Whether it’s a problem with your Google mail account, your browser, Google Maps, or Google Chrome, many people have encountered similar situations. Google staff write tutorials on how to solve common problems, and there are user forums that address a variety of issues. We’ll show you how to find the first ones:

  • Sign in to your Google Account, then go to
  • A search bar should appear, and you can enter your problem above nine icons displayed in the middle of the screen,
  • If you have a problem with one of Google’s specific products such as Google Search, just click on the icon. If you don’t, describe your problem briefly in the search bar, you can click on the little blue arrow that will appear below the nine icons. This way you can see dozens of other icons.
  • The next icon lists more common problems encountered by users, and you will just have to enter your problem there.

Contact Google My Business support

To contact Google My Business support, simply go directly to the appropriate page. There you can find the answer to your problem by describing or filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Contact Google Workspace support

To reach Google Support, you must first have an account in Google Workspace, and make sure it is associated with your email address. To do this, go to the Google Admin Console and click on the “contact support” icon. You have three options:

  • Contact by phone,
  • By e-mail,
  • Via chat support.

Contact Google mail support

For Gmail support, you can go to the official Gmail Help Center which is accessible. Most of the answers to your problems and questions are available by category.

Find a paid search agency

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