The majority of people who struggle with issues related to crooked or misaligned teeth prefer to use braces to get a straighter smile. Also, your dental health may benefit from these orthodontic treatment options. People are frequently questioned for their braces effects on teeth and whether they can change the form of your face. Your face can alter as a result of orthodontic treatment. Your oral health could also benefit from the improvements, which are only good ones. After receiving braces from your dentist, your balance and bite issues will be resolved. Your jaw and mouth will look more natural, and your face will look more balanced. Here you can see how braces change your face shape and make you look younger:

The mouth and the face

Your mouth significantly affects the symmetry and profile of your face. Additionally, this appearance is affected by more than just uneven teeth. Bite alignment problems such as an overbite, underbite, or open bite can also alter your smile or how your mouth looks when viewed from a profile and the rest of your face. The improvement of your general facial look occurs concurrently with the correction of your bite or teeth by an orthodontist Henderson NV.


Increased overbite describes top teeth that excessively overlap lower teeth in the vertical direction. In terms of appearance, it can make the cheeks look sunken, and the top lip protrude. The good news is that increasing overbite is one of the most prevalent bite problems that orthodontist Henderson NV treats to enhance the appearance and dental health of the teeth. It also aids in regaining facial symmetry. Also, you can prefer teeth straightening London that keep your teeth beautiful.


When the bottom teeth are in front of the upper teeth, it is known as an underbite. The lower jaw sticks out as a result of this procedure. In this situation, it may be easy to tell the difference between your face before and after braces. After the imbalance has been fixed, your lower jaw will look more symmetrical with the rest of your face. You will have a more delicate, organic appearance with the best treatment.

Open bite

Front teeth cannot touch when the jaws are closed, which results in an open bite. The mouth could appear more extended as a result, or in rare circumstances, and it might not be able to close on its own. An open bite is considerably more likely to stand out when you see a face from the side since it frequently causes the upper lip to protrude slightly. This also can be treated with the braces. 

Making you look younger

Dental experts can suggest various products and procedures if you are seeking ways to delay the effects of ageing. The best thing for you might be getting braces. You can give yourself a more youthful appearance by straightening your teeth and shaping your face with braces. The alterations to your jawline also aid in tightening the skin surrounding your mouth and chin, reducing wrinkles.

Bottom line

From the above mentioned points, your cheekbones, jawline, and facial symmetry can all be enhanced by braces. Expert dentist will outline the aesthetic improvement you might anticipate from the procedure.