You may have seen the Queen Sugar series. Carol Sutton plays Aunt Martha in Queen Sugar.

The actress dedicated her life to the Film Industry. She appeared in more than 100 movies. Her death is still shocking for the United States. This article will provide details about How did Carol Sutton die and her career in film.

Carol Sutton, who is she?

Carol Sutton was a New Orleans native and is well-known for her American television and films. She was the mother for two children and was born December 3, 1944.

Carol Dickerson was one of three children born to Marguerite Bush (Amos Dickerson) and Carol Dickerson. She earned her certification from Texas Southern University. After that, she worked with Total Community Action. Her title was “Queen of New Orleans Theater”.

She died on December 10, 2020 at the age of 76. The news Carol Sutton Died circulates among her crew and followers.

Her film careers

She made her debut in 1974 on the TV show “the autobiography Miss Jane Pittman”, where, as the black woman, she was the main character. Later, she took up starring roles on the stage.

Carol’s iconic role in 1989’s Steel Magnolias was as Pam, a nurse. Recently (2020), she was cast as Pope’s grandmother on Netflix’s Outer Bank season 2. Unfortunately, she died mid-filming. Netflix recently released the trailer and paid tribute to Carol Sutton. Viewers are eager to find How Did Carol Sutton die.

In movies such as “monster ball”, Ray (2004), “Deja vu (2006)”, etc., she was also a part of the cast. She was also Miss Delores in “True Detective” in 2014. Additionally, she appeared in Television series like “The Big Easy (1996)”, “Scream (2016)”, and Queen Sugar (2019).

She devoted 40 years to acting (1974-202020). She also supported struggling families and children who have special needs. Her outstanding work as an actor/social activist was highly acclaimed by the industry. In 2011, she retired from education and social work.

Learn about Carol Sutton’s Death.

Sutton’s daughter was tested positive in COVID testing on November 10, 2020. Sutton reported fever and nausea on November 17th. She also reported difficulty in breathing on November 22 and was again admitted to ICU. Unfortunately her condition worsened and on Thursday night, she died in the local hospital. Adrienne, her sister, confirmed that she succumbed to coronavirus complications. Sutton was honored by the crew of the film industry.


The news headline ” How Did Carol Sutton Death” went viral in a matter of minutes. It was hard for people to believe she wasn’t with them. She had a tremendous impact on local youth, and did an outstanding job guiding them on the right track. Her legacy will be a legend. You can find more information here.