Pandemic has shaken us and disrupted our lives immensely. Businesses are hard hit. The startups, SMEs, and even big organizations are looking at ways to cut costs to tide through these trying times. Remote work taking prominence, many are giving up their office spaces and trying out coworking space options available for their feasibility. The shared office space has become an immediate answer to professionals looking for office setup without coughing up a huge amount for office space. Today, let us take a peek into how the coworking spaces are changing the work life around the globe.

Continue to work remotely with the luxury of an office setting.

The coworking spaces offer the facilities of office without disturbances that can occur at home with senior citizens and children. Working from home can be challenging as the house environment is bound to have upheavals as it is the place to relax and not work always. So, the best option is to take up coworking space. The spaces offer the decorum to work in peace without emotional disruptions. The business centre offers security, uninterrupted network connection, cloud storage, and an ambiance filled with professionals working tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Availability of Virtual Offices

Startups, Entrepreneurs watching their purse strings can take advantage of the virtual offices offered at furnished office spaces. The virtual office offers the client the benefits of a business address for transactions. They can also make use of the virtual office for their meetings, conferences, or while meeting vendors. This opportunity of virtual office provides a client to maintain themselves in high regard while conducting professional meetings. 

Meeting rooms to conduct team meetings.

Working remotely is the safe and viable option in current circumstances. But regular team meets are essential to know how exactly their work is progressing and to be in the same line with the entire team. What makes a good coworking space are those that offer meeting rooms equipped with facilities to conduct meetings with much-required furniture. The meeting rooms are available in various sizes to accommodate varied numbers. Professionals can rent the meeting room based on the number they are planning to accommodate along with the duration of the meeting. They need to pay for the duration of the usage of the meeting room.

Virtual Assistant

Supposedly the professionals are heading a startup of SME and overloaded with work and need an assistant to maintain your schedule with clients, follow-up and shoulder your mundane task there is a virtual assistant privilege at plug and play office. Virtual assistants are trained assistants capable of handling your affairs successfully and leaving you free to focus completely on your passion for the work. The virtual assistant can take care of filing jobs, recording the daily updates, and maintaining the appointments for you. 

Workspaces care for everyone’s safety.

Pandemic has changed our ways of safety. Understanding this pressing need iKeva takes precautions to keep their workspaces sanitized at regular intervals and ensures the users of the space follow COVID-19 guidelines for each other’s safety. As we are all working around ways to work around the pandemic, initial steps would be cumbersome and taxing, but essential right now to keep in good health. We are in this together but maintaining safety is priority in making an effort to crossover this pandemic due course of time.

A work culture that drives everyone around 

Workspaces are not a typical office wherein everyone is up against one another in competition to get ahead in their careers. The office for rent has individuals who are highly motivated and working towards their personal career goals. The individualistic common goal accomplishment is the key that binds one and all working in the coworking space. This intrinsic motivation in the working environment is sufficient to work towards becoming a better version of oneself. 

What iKeva offers to you?

iKeva has all the facilities for individuals to conduct their work without hiccups. The uninterrupted power supply, internet connection, cybersecurity, cloud storage to name a few to conduct business successfully. Along with the above, if the individual takes up space at a business centre in Hyderabad, they are welcome to use any Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. iKeva has varied and flexible pricing options available for interested individuals. Explore the options and check which one fits your requirement. Call iKeva now!