There’s a saying about cows in Hindu culture, that manifests in each part of the cow are thirty-three different types of deities.

Holding a sacred place in Indian culture, cows are considered to bring wealth and prosperity to the household it is part of. Traditionally, every home used to have a cow who was looked after and worshipped with great affection and devotion by members of the family, because there were thirty-three different ways the cow was useful to them.

Times may have changed and we no longer rear cows in our homes, at least not in urban cities, but cows are still very much useful to us. Even though we may have distanced ourselves from the creatures, they are still of great value to us. Cows are the source of milk to us and many nutritious products that are derived from their milk, such as curd and ghee, that give us the boon of good health.

The gift of health and wellness

Health and fitness are extremely important to live a balanced and healthy life in this fast-paced world. But in the present day and age with diseases such as coronavirus that have neither cause nor cure yet identified, it is extremely vital to maintain good health to keep such diseases at bay and fight them off.

Diseases like Covid have brought back the focus on the health and immunity of individuals. In the case of Covid-19 particularly it has been noticed, despite vaccines that offer some immunity from the virus, one can still catch the disease. In the absence of a safe cure and the medical world still finding effective medicines to work against it, it’s down to an individual’s health status and immunity. 

Doctors agree that a good immune system can help us survive the illness. A good immunity can prevent the virus from lodging into the body and causing infection, and fight it off in case of an infection with a robust response. 

Thus, it’s extremely important to keep nutrition optimal and our bodies healthy for strong immunity. Once again cows come to our rescue with their nutrient-rich milk and the golden potion of Best A2 Ghee that can give us the gift of nutrition, health, wellness and protection against diseases. 

The supreme health benefits of cow ghee

A2 Gir Cow Ghee is a nutritionally rich and energetic superfood that is wholesome nutrition for our body. Ghee contains an abundance of nutrients that are required by the body for healthy functioning and strong immunity. 

Cow Ghee has traditionally been used as part of Ayurvedic medicines and treatments to cure several illnesses and is known to possess many therapeutic and healing properties. It is rich in all vital minerals and nutrients and contains essential amino acids and fatty acids that play an important role in the healthy functioning of all the systems of our body. However, since our body doesn’t produce them on its own they need to be absorbed from our diet. 

Cow ghee is a rich source of omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids in addition to vitamin A, D, E, and K and calcium. It also has an abundance of antioxidants to offer that are important for the absorption of these essential vitamins and minerals in our body to derive nutrition and build a strong immune system. Consuming cow ghee is a great way to fill up the body’s nutritional stores and maintain overall health.

Among the many benefits of cow ghee, it is a natural digestive and appetite enhancer that maintains gut health that is very crucial to the absorption of nutrients from food. A2 quality cow ghee that comes from indigenous cow breeds, such as the A2 Gir Cow Ghee, have also been found to contain a high concentration of butyric acid, a compound that enhances digestive function and the production of killer T cells in the gut to increase immune power.

In addition to improving absorption of food and maintaining gut health, ghee is known to evoke a positive immune response by lowering inflammation levels in the body. According to Ayurveda, ghee possesses medicinal properties that help destroy germs and toxins in the body to aid immunity and you can now get A2 Ghee Buy Online from the best sites selling organic food items.

How to consume cow ghee?

To build strength and resistance, cow ghee should be consumed daily as part of a healthy balanced diet along with an active lifestyle. A spoonful of ghee in the morning with warm water can work as a wonderful energy and immunity booster. You can also include cow ghee in your meals. About 2 tsp ghee in a day is a healthy quantity for most people. However, people suffering from BP, heart diseases, and cholesterol should consume ghee in moderation.


In times of great uncertainties and diseases such as Covid-19, it is important to focus on our health. Ancient Ayurveda has given us the boon of cow ghee, why not bring it back? Incorporate it as part of your diet and lifestyle, and protect yourself from illnesses with the potent powers of ghee.

Consuming ghee is a great way to enrich our body with essential nutrients, build our health and immunity to fight against diseases such as coronavirus. Bring a wealth of health and nutritional benefits to your home with the superiorly nutritious, healthy and Best A2 Ghee of a desi cow. Invest in your health A2 Ghee Buy Online today and beat coronavirus with robust health and immunity!