The question is a big concern for several computer science students and IT sector professionals.  People often believe that security+ can help them enter the industry, and it is not false. However, each and every company doesn’t need to mark it as an eligibility criterion. When you enter the corporate world, it’s not like impressing your professors or batchmates in college as you deal with professional grown-ups. In such a case, getting brownie points is never a bad deal.

Is it essential to hold a security+ certification?

As mentioned above, security+ certification is not essentially asked by every employer you will come across. But, when you are looking forward to work in the government space and especially in the military, you must have it. According to the DOD (department of defense) requirement, to get appointed for working in some particular technology areas, you need to hold a security+ certification. It is very efficient for taking you up in the IT industry. If you work for the military or any other autonomous governmentagency, it might appear to be a greater help. To know more about the certification courses and IT management, click here.

Things you get to study

If you long to level up your career for any government, private or military IT space and aim to hold an administrative position, then taking up security+ is a great idea. People who move up to network manager or system administrator positions are usually certified with CompTIA security+ course. Things this certification program talks about are-

  • Social engineering
  • Physical security
  • Wireless security
  • Functioning of encryption with web-based transactions

When you learn about the things mentioned above, your set of skills and knowledge will eventually increase. You might have used these things already, but you get a new perspective towards them after this course. It validates your skillset, and you also get to explore new things about a particular type of security.

The security+ exam

Just like any other course,you will be certified with security+ only after getting through the exam. One of the most amazing things about the security+ certification exam is that it is not like another multiple-choice objective examination. There are several sets of questions that are entirely based on the candidate’s performance. This program makes sure that you are ready to take up the task when given an opportunity. As mentioned above, it appears to be great in getting you inside the door. However, it is your job to remain inside and prove your worth. After taking up the security+ certification program and clearing its exam, your skillset gets its due validation.

CompTIA offers several security certifications, and security+ is one of the initial levels. Still, it has its value. You should have the proper knowledge to pass its exam, as professionals from the IT industry with good experience also work very hard for it.Nevertheless hard work and dedication is all you need to excel in every step of your life and it applies here too.