Coronavirus took over the world like a storm during early 2020. At first, the world did not know how to react to this, we all thought that it is temporary and will be over as soon as the vaccine is created. However, seeing that new variants keep on spiking, it won’t be a surprise if we are in this for the long run. 

This pandemic has made all of us sit at home, distance ourselves from families and friends, as well as change our working habits. So how did and still do companies adapt to the online during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Adapting to Digital

Lockdown has brought a lot of changes for companies, making them adapt to digital much faster than expected. Firstly, they had to change their work procedures, decision-making, and everyday habits to digital so that they would be able to work remotely

This might seem easy for companies that mainly focus on digital solutions, such as companies providing IT solutions or digital services, as their main product is already online. Employees are able to move their everyday business entirely to digital form and work remotely. The only change in their routine is the introduction of digital meetings instead of face-to-face ones, and, of course, less time spent on the commute. 

A much harder hit from the pandemic was experienced by companies that produce products, sell goods, and provide services. For example, manufacturers, restaurants and beauty salons. They either had to shut the doors or implement drastic changes in their on-site work procedures.

Seeking new opportunities

Some companies that did not find a way on how to continue their operations during the restrictions had to seek new opportunities. According to a McKinsey & Company report, consumers rapidly adapted to buying products and services online.

Many grocery stores, beauty stores, etc moved their business online, opening their own web stores. Restaurants adapted to the new business environment by providing only take-away, food boxes, and at-home DIY dinners that way shifting the business to a different angle. 

This meant that the companies need to have a well-built online presence, active social media accounts, and content that stands out from others. To be successful in this crucial step, companies can seek help from professionals, such as a digital marketing agency Revpanda who can help with building an online presence. 

Investing in cybersecurity 

Another factor companies had to consider when moving online is cybersecurity. It has become more important to companies since all the employee and customer data is in the cloud and people are working from home using their home internet via VPN.

According to statistics, cybersecurity attacks have increased by 29%, as hackers try to exploit remote work and customers that use it online for most of their shopping. Leading organizations to increase the spending on cybersecurity by 12,4 % in 2021 compared to 2020 according to data


To conclude, companies have had a wide range of factors to consider due to the coronavirus pandemic that has moved almost all businesses online. Some had to adapt to working remotely, some had to find new business opportunities or adapt their business to fit into the new normal.