A team working on a project consists of individuals with different levels of technical, communication, collaboration and other required skills. Take an example of a software application under development. The development team is working on the project in the development environment. The testing team is working on the project in a test environment. The testing team identifies bugs in the software and reports them to the development team. The development team fixes those bugs. Imagine the development team and testing team fail to collaborate. The client will receive the software with a lot of bugs. The project fails due to lack of collaboration and communication.

When you have team members working from different locations, you need one of the best online collaboration tools. The following are the ten ways you can improve collaboration for project success.

Choose Right Tools

A report by Dell and Intel shows that more than 50% of the global employees believe that they work better from home than an office. Work environment virtualization will become mainstream in the near future. Your team needs collaborative solutions, project management tools, video conferencing software, shared calendars and other tools.

Build Respect and Trust

Team members come from diverse qualifications, backgrounds and experiences. A project succeeds when team members come together and work as a unit. This requires trust and respect. You should encourage clear and respectful communication. Team spirit requires trust and respect. Employees put in more effort in a mutually respectful environment. This kind of environment encourages creativity and innovation. The team flourishes and leads to project success.

Strive for More

A successful business experiences growth and has to perform more tasks. Many businesses expect more from their employees without hiring new employees. This can be a short term solution. However, you need to increase the size of your team. This shows that you listen to your team and support them. It is important to give them tools like collaborative solutions and support.

Clarify Objectives    

Each team member should be aware of the project objectives. Project managers need to collaborate with the team to communicate project requirements and deliverables for successful completion of the project. You need to convene regular meetings to make sure that your team is aware of project goals. In addition to collaborative solutions, you also need teleconference and other tools.


Team members use collaborative solutions to stay connected, ask questions from seniors, communicate requirements, share experiences and data. However, they also use these tools to have fun and tell jokes whenever they get time. There are different personalities in the team. They may want to sit together outside formal office settings. Give them an opportunity to socialize. This develops a better personal understanding. This understanding can be translated to the team’s success and project’s success.     

Document it

Not documenting processes can lead to miscommunications and confusion between team members and clients. Documentation plays an important role in collaboration and project success. Documentation keeps a record of requirements, changes in requirements, budget, processes, inputs, roles and responsibilities, project deliverables and more. Choose the right intranet solution that comes with document management features.    

Encourage Timeliness

With efficient communication and collaboration, team members get details of their tasks on time. This is how collaboration encourages timeliness.  

Encourage Open Discussion

If you allow your employees to discuss issues effectively and truthfully, this builds a better workplace. Employees prefer to work in such environments. They can share their ideas about the project which can lead to project success.

For improved collaboration, you need the best cloud-based intranet software that provides you with the best collaborative solution.