As an NDIS participant, you get complete choice over your NDIS funding and how to manage it for the duration of the plan. There are 3 management options for your NDIS funding that is you can choose for your budget to be managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), you can manage it on your own (self-managed), or you can have it managed by a registered, third-party NDIS Plan Manager.

If your NDIS plan is managed through an agency then the NDIA will pay the supporter providers on your behalf and will keep a check on your records and bookkeeping.


In case of a Self-managed plan, the NDIA will provide you funds so that you can easily choose and pay for the services in order to meet the future aspirations for yourself and your child. The participant has all the rights to manage their finances and choose between registered NDIS service providers like Selectability NDIS Rockhampton and non-registered providers. However, no additional funding would be provided if you decide to manage your plan on your own.

  • The service providers can be of any kind either mainstream or disability service providers, in this way you are not restricted to only registered NDIS support providers. Hence, you get access to more range of service and service providers. For eg- you may ask a reliable neighbor to look after your child during afternoon as long as they have an insurance
  • You have the freedom to negotiate prices and hence not tied up to the price guide. The service providers can be paid exactly what the demand or you feel like paying.

 Things you need to have to ensure in a self-managed plan:

  • Have a separate bank account that is only meant for your NDIS funds. The account holder’s name should be of the participant or the yourself in case of a child. You must opt for a fee free bank account so that you are unable to claim the fee against any NDIS funds. Ensure to keep the details of this account in your planning meeting.
  • Select and sort your own service providers.
  • Arrange agreements with all the support providers and look for your own appointments.
  • You will have to pay all the support providers and then claim the invoice on the NDIS portal. The providers will go you the funds within 2 days or even before you make the payment if you have strong relations with them whereas, some providers might ask you to pay on the same time.
  • You manage your payments by paying before any claims through a floating bank account.
  • Prepay for the services by keeping a credit card against your bank account that you only use for the NDIS plan and allows you to track the payments.
  • Keep the budget of your plan balanced by checking the amount that has been used and left.
  • Maintain a record and have receipts for all your purchases.
  • Make an email id that will only be used for NDIS services and store the invoices in a Google drive.


  • These plans are highly flexible as you get to decide your service providers.
  •  It provides you greater innovations as you can choose your own funds.
  • Provides greater accessibility of service providers in remote and rural areas.


  • the service providers might take advantage of non-price guide and charge you more than the NDIS rate.
  • More time consuming as it requires you to constantly engage with the providers.
  • You have to constantly keep records of all the invoices.

Plan management:

You have all the rights to choose your NDIS plan management services in Geelong that requires you to give individual funds to providers without taking anything from the rest of your funds. The plan manager will pay for all the services you have asked them to manage through the funds you have provided them. Just like self-managed plans you have greater accessibility to service providers to a cleaner or even a sole trader.

The plan managers will perform tasks like:

  • Service providers will make the payment for plan mangers and pay all your bills.
  • Keep you in touch by sending monthly statements so that you can have a check on all your spending.
  • Help to create service agreements with providers.


  • A good plan manager will help the service providers along with the NDIS participants.
  • Provides greater flexibility in terms of choice and control related to funding and offer non-registered NDIS services.
  • Reduces stress as you don’t have to worry about tracking the invoices and your expenses.
  • Teaches you to manage on your own. Providing you the best advice on how you should spend in order to maximize services.
  • Preparing you for NDIS plan reviews.

Negotiating better rates on your behalf with service providers.