Threaded eyebrows are a popular and effective way to shape and define eyebrows. Unlike other hair removal methods, eyebrow threading in Scottsdale is precise and can create well-defined arches that frame your face. However, maintaining the shape and keeping your eyebrows looking good for a long time can be a challenge, and we know many people out there want to know how to keep the shape of their new threaded eyebrows holding up longer. Here are some of Raw Beauty Lounge’s best tips to help you make threaded eyebrows last longer.

  • Keep Your Hands Off Your Eyebrows
    One of the biggest errors mistakes people make is constantly touching their eyebrows. This can cause the hair to break or fall out, making it harder to maintain the shape. Try to avoid touching your eyebrows as much as possible, and if you need to adjust them, use a spoolie brush instead.
    Keeping your hands off is especially important when you first get them threaded because the skin is raw and prone to infection from bacteria present in your hands.
  • Don’t Apply Makeup Immediately After Threading
    After threading, your skin may be sensitive, and applying makeup immediately can cause irritation and breakouts. Wait for at least 24 hours before applying makeup to your eyebrows to ensure that your skin has fully recovered.
  • Use a Toner or Astringent
    A toner or astringent after threading can help soothe your skin and prevent breakouts. Apply an ample amount to a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently dab it on your eyebrows. Just ensure the toner is gentle and free from ingredients that can be too strong, like tea tree oil.
  • Apply Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil is a well-known and lauded moisturizer that can help keep your eyebrows looking healthy and shiny. Apply a generous bit of coconut oil to your eyebrows before bed, and leave it on overnight. This will help keep your eyebrows nourished and hydrated.
  • Avoid Hot Showers and Steam Rooms
    Heat and humidity can cause your pores to open, making it easier for dirt and bacteria to enter your skin. This can cause breakouts and make it harder to maintain the shape of your eyebrows. Avoid hot showers and steam rooms for at least 24 hours after threading.
  • Use a Brow Gel
    A brow gel can let you keep your eyebrows in place and maintain their shape. Apply a small amount of brow gel to your eyebrows after threading, and brush them upwards to create a natural look.
  • Don’t Pluck Stray Hairs
    It’s tempting to pluck stray hairs, but this can cause your eyebrows to become uneven and lose their shape. Instead, use a small pair of scissors to trim stray hairs and keep your eyebrows looking neat.
  • Touch Up as Needed
    Even with proper care, your eyebrows will grow back eventually. Touch them up as needed to keep them looking fresh and well-defined. You can do this at home or visit a professional eyebrow threader for a touch-up.


In conclusion, eyebrow threading at Raw Beauty Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a great way to shape and define your eyebrows, but it requires proper care to keep them looking good for longer. Following these tips, you can maintain shape and keep your eyebrows looking beautiful for weeks.