Data is the philosopher’s stone of modern business. They turn our efforts into a source of profit. But since this is not an abstract concept, but very specific things, the question of the data quality that you are going to use comes into play.

If we try to draw the routes of our data, we will get a confusing graph:

  • Even a small modern business has multiple sources of data. For example, it can be online forms, offline questionnaires, information from suppliers, competitor analysis, etc. That is, there are many real people behind the accumulation process, and all of them are potential sources of errors.
  • Data flows from one lake to another through numerous pipelines. Each time it can generate duplicates, lost columns, automatic unauthorized format changes.
  • After all, data has an expiration date. Concern for the quality of data is, among other things, their timely disposal.

What if you have to control the quality of very large data? The logical answer is to automate processes.

Try to improve the quality of your data with the observability platform by Masthead

We are sure you will absolutely love the elegant and concise data monitoring solution of this team:

  • First of all, it should be noted the high security standards that the algorithm complies with. Only logs are used to monitor data quality. This means that the observability platform by Masthead is HIPAA-compliant.
  • This is a zero-code integration tool. After 20 minutes of simple settings, you get a fully working system.
  • If you’re looking for a flexible solution, you’ve got it. Thresholds, priority, notification methods are configured.

More information about data quality monitoring by Masthead is available on the company’s website. You will find contact information, and you can ask your questions there. Follow the link to find out everything first hand.