It is often very difficult for businesses to decide which social media platform they should be preferred over the other to market their business. Though it is a very important thing to know even before designing any marketing strategy, most entrepreneurs don’t know how it is done. 

When you find out the most suitable platform to market your business, it simplifies the whole marketing process to a great extent. There are more than 300 social media platforms and this number is still increasing day by day. So, choosing the best option for you is a difficult task to perform. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few tips that can effectively assist you and get you out of this trouble. By evaluating different factors, we will be finally able to determine the most suitable platform for the promotion of your brands. So, let’s dive in.

Identify your audience

The first important thing that you need to understand is who is going to be your audience or which group of people you are going to target. After you have identified that crowd then you need to explore their social media preferences. Once you have clearly defined your audience, you will be able to identify the social media network that is widely used by them. You can leverage the potential of the business platform by Real Instagram followers to make a strong presence of your business online. To get this done with a high level of precision, you need to answer the following questions yourself.

What are the social networks that are widely used by them?

What is the average age of your target audience?

Who are the people your audience is following online?

What kind of content is mostly liked by them?

Which language do they prefer the most to communicate?

These questions can tell you so much about your audiences and their network preferences and you can then easily figure out which platform is most suitable for you.

Consider your business perception 

The next immediate step is to identify the purpose of your existence because it is a reality that not all social media platforms can be equally engaging for your brand. You have to evaluate the right platform by considering the aim of your business. It simply keeps you away from beating about the bushes and wasting a lot of your time and effort on irrelevant activities. To get out of it just ask yourself the given questions and everything will get sorted. 

Is my brand or product resonating with the visually driven networks?

What is the type of my business, i.e., B2B or B2C?

Am I able to produce enough visual content for my brand regularly?

Identify your traffic source

If your brand already has an online presence, then it will be far easier for you to understand which platform is much more suitable for it. You can identify it just by looking at the traffic and response that you are getting on different social media platforms. You can also determine which one of the social media platforms is driving traffic to your website and then you can compare and evaluate the results. You can drive massive traffic to your website by Buy Cheap Instagram Likes. You only need to consider the following questions while doing so:

Which one of the social networks is driving the most traffic to my business website?

Which channel is giving me the high value of conversions?

What is the pattern of gaining more traffic on that particular social media channel?

Your resources

Online marketing requires a lot of hard work and dedication but the most important thing that we need is a lot of resources. While you are exploring the right platform for your business you need to know how many resources you have. Before making any new strategy for your content, you need to recall the below-given facts in your mind.

Are you currently having a social media team or you will be hiring one in the future?

Who will be part of your team and how are you going to manage it?

Will your marketing team be able to manage your content efficiently across all your social media accounts?

How much time will be dedicated to each of your social media accounts?

How will your content calendar be made and who is going to manage it?

Closely analyze your competitors

This is also one of the most effective techniques, which can be very useful for you in identifying the right platform for your business. You just need to closely analyze what your competitors are doing and which platform they prefer the most. This will not only save you a lot of time but also save a lot of money which was supposed to be spent on marketing research. Additionally, it gives a clear direction to your business and its marketing strategy. you only need to answer the following questions and you are done.

Which network is preferred by your competitors?

Which one of the social media channels is driving the maximum engagement for them?

Which channel is giving them the highest response and why?

What type of content are they posting on this platform?

What is the frequency of their postings?

Who are the people they are following on social media?

How are they displaying their products and services to the audience?

Identify the most suitable content

The next step is the most realistic one as well. You need to figure out the way you are going to present your brand in front of your followers. You need to build a strong and consistent image of your brand and it can only be done with the help of a strong content strategy. Your content should perfectly display the perception you are offering to the world plus it should be captivating enough to grab the attention of every single person passing through it. Once you have done complete research on your targeted audience, it will be very easy for you to answer the following questions

How many social media channels can I manage easily?

Will I be able to maintain the consistency and the overall quality of my content?

Am I creative enough to produce the right quality of content for these platforms?

Determine your marketing goals

The next step is to define the purpose of your existence in the competitive world of social media marketing. Also, you need to determine what expectations you are having with this online marketing struggle. You will be able to pick one of the most suitable channels for your brand that resonates more with its vision and perception. You can identify your business goals by reviewing the given points and recalling them in your mind. It will help you identify the purpose of marketing your business online.

Do I want to drive awareness for my brand?

Am I up to provide excellent customer service?

Do I want to drive traffic for my brand?

Am I doing it to generate revenue or to get leads from this platform?

Am I doing it to build a strong community and connections for my brand online?

Benefits of choosing different social media networks

Now we are going to discuss the ultimate benefits you can get by choosing any of the given networks to market your business. 

Advantages of choosing Instagram

It is one of the most popular networks operating online which is equally popular among millennials and GEN-Z.

It is the most suitable visually-driven platform for businesses

It is a huge supporter of the business community that produces a lot of video content.

It is very easy to get connected to the target audience on this platform.

Advantages of choosing Facebook

This platform is ranking at the top with almost 1.49 billion active users.

It is also estimated that about 51% of active users visit Facebook several times a day

This platform is having the highest engagement rates

It is also considered one of the most complete social media networks

Advantages of posting on YouTube

This platform has made its impact in the online marketing industry with 1.8 billion active users

About 77%of the traffic that is generated on this platform is by mobile phones


The average sessions on this platform can last up to 40 minutes.

A total of 85% of teenagers use this platform

It has become the second-largest search engine after Google

YouTube content is mainly prioritized by Google as well.

So, these three are the top-ranking social media platforms that are widely considered by brands. There are so many other networks that can be helpful for your businesses as well, you only need to identify what they offer to your business.


Once you have answered all the above-given questions you will surely be able to identify the right online platform for your business that can efficiently connect you with your target audience and help you achieve your business goals. 

Hope you find this blog so helpful to figure this out. If you have something to share about it, you can do it in the comments given below.

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