Have you ever wanted to know how you could become the next social media leader on Twitter? If you want to become an online brand or entrepreneur then social media is extremely important. So how can you try to become an expert in the world of social media? Here are four great tips:


Whatever industry you’re part of, it’s essential that you show passion. If you don’t enjoy writing or sharing information about your favoured topic then why would your followers or readers enjoy following you? Be positive, passionate and enthusiastic and you should reap the benefits.

Engagement is Key

You have to be responsive to the community who follow you, do this by welcoming questions and answering other peoples. Also, do something to help one of your followers that a normal user wouldn’t do, show that level of commitment and engagement that is critical to success.

Originality is extremely important

When looking at Twitter or other social media platforms, people want to read new and original articles, it’s this type of content that will get you noticed. Anybody can re-tweet an article that they like, but it’s the unique articles that you have produced that will gain you followers.

For example, if you are a personal finance blogger then you may like to re-tweet articles about savings, but if you write your own savings content and you express your own views then people will be more likely to read and respond to voice their own opinions.

Use a metric: Klout or the Times Social List

If you want to check how well you are performing on the social media scale, there are many metrics you can use. The two most popular metrics are Klout and the Times Social List.


Klout is said to be the measurement of your overall online influence and it takes into account 35 variables through Facebook and Twitter to measure your:

“Reach” – True Reach is the size of your engaged audience

“Amplification Probability” – The likelihood that your content will be acted upon. How often do your messages generate re-tweets or spark a conversation?

“Network Influence” – This measures the actual engagement of your audience, by measuring actions such as re-tweets, messages, follows, comments, likes etc. Every time someone performs one of these actions the authority of your content rises.

Times Social List

The Sunday Times Social List is a great way to measure your social power and you can choose one or more social networks to calculate your social worth, either, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Foursquare. You will then be ranked based on their social algorithm.

The algorithm works in a similar way to the Klout score, as it tracks the way a user interacts with their “wider network”. This means that there is an increased value placed on re-tweets, “likes”, and responses.

So are you a social leader? Or do you aspire to be one?