Digital platforms create the space for numerous marketing opportunities. Per-pay-click (PPC) is one of them. PPC helps your business rank high on search engines, allowing more customers to visit your website and buy your products or services. PPC is a paid marketing campaign that drives high traffic. If you can run PPC ads properly, it can extract a huge profit for your business. There are several PPC management companies in India, and one of them is Kutumbh Digital, which can guide you in executing proper PPC ad marketing. In this article, we will tell you how PPC can raise your business. Keep reading!

What is PPC? 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of paid online advertising that costs you for every click users make. Which means, PPC ads have a certain cost attached with the same. A lot of factors decide the price of PPC ads, including the quality of your ad, keyword competition, the platform you choose for the ad, etc. 

The PPC model is considered helpful for businesses. Because it provides a chance for businesses to exhibit products or services to specific customers who are actively searching for them. In addition, a well-designed PPC advertising campaign allows businesses to grow their business effectively. 

What are Types of PPC Ads?

Search Ads

Search Ad is considered one of the most popular Pay-Per-Click ads. Search ad marketing strategy helps you get more potential customers on your website. This campaign is based on headlines, descriptions, metadata that include keywords and links to the pages on your website. Search ads decide where your website will rank and how much it will cost by using an auction system. 

Display Ads

Display ads are also Per-pay-click ads that help your website drive significant traffic. And this ad is featured on Google’s partner websites. The working method of display ads is that it uses photos and some text to garner the attention of customers for a longer time. Display ads are meant to show those people who are searching for products you deal in. These ads are more useful to deliver a message about your business to your website’s visitors. Display ads are relatively more affordable than Paid Search Ads because their click-through-rates are cheaper than Paid Search Ads. Therefore, Display Ads can be used to make people aware about your brand. 

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ad campaigns are made for targeting those customers who have previously shown some interest in your brand or service. Remarketing Ad campaigns can incorporate images, texts and videos in your ads. However, Remarketing Ads are also divided into two categories – standard and dynamic – and both these ads are supported by Google. There are many benefits of using Remarketing Ads. These include helping people become your customers, or enabling them to visit your website again and again, etc. Remarketing Ads can target those people who have previously transacted with you. These include audiences who have abandoned their cart and those users who have signed your newsletter, watched your video, etc. 

Social Media Ads

With pay-per-click advertisements on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, you can achieve high click-through rates. You can always run paid social media ads to catch your customers’ attention. With effective social ads, you can target the right audience, helping you get more leads and conversions. Start by analyzing their interests, online behaviors, age, jobs, gender, etc. Once you are done with this, you can create compelling social media ads and increase the return on the same. PPC management experts in India consider all these aspects before creating paid social media ads for your business.

How PPC Paid Ads Help Your Business Grow?

PPC Ads Promote Your Business

Businesses need to describe the features of their products and services vividly. And they use advertising to let people know about their business. Advertising is the best way to promote any business because it also builds the reputation of the brand and increases business sales. 

PPC Ads are Measurable

Once you have optimized a PPC ad on your website, it can be measured. Everything related to PPC campaigns are measurable, such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and the amount spent. PPC ads can be more effective by using audience’s feedback. 

PPC Can Also Help Other Marketing Efforts 

PPC can support all of your marketing initiatives, even offline ones. PPC advertisements can be used to promote an event you are hosting. PPC is also great for promoting sales events and new products, etc. Customers are more likely to visit your physical store even after seeing your ad online. As more customers rely on search engines to guide their shopping decisions, this trend is expected to grow.

PPC Helps Your Business Generate Fast Results

One of the advantages of PPC advertising is that it produces results quickly. Most marketers and business owners would agree with the same. 

PPC is Targeted and Focused

The ability to target customers based on location, keywords, behaviors, interests,  is another benefit of PPC advertising. This enables you to identify your target audience and segment them for more targeted messages. 


PPC ads can increase your business significantly provided you run them properly. Customized PPC ads enable you wider reach, increased clicks, high leads and maximum conversions. As businesses, if you are unable to run PPC ads properly for your business, take help from a PPC management company in India like Kutumbh Digital. It is ready to help you execute an effective PPC Ads Campaign for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Kutumbh Digital to increase your business.