The reason why people need a power of attorney form is to appoint their duties to someone else. What the assigned agent is supposed to do is always stated on the form. The best advice given to those who require the POA is to visit a lawyer experienced in such matters. 

That is okay since these professionals have all the knowledge you need to ensure that you abide by the law. If you want to avoid the journey, an easier way out is heading online to web-based platforms such as CocoDoc. 

That is where you get all the templates you need. Do you want to know how you can use them? Stay tuned and keep reading. 

How You Can Use the Online Power of Attorney Form

There are a variety of samples to peruse, but how can you use them? First, we will highlight some of the use cases followed by the different Power of Attorney forms you can get via the internet.

The Ease of Acquisition and Use

If you want a Power of Attorney form quickly, then the best bet is via an online platform. CocoDoc is one of them, and by being web-based, you can access it via any internet-enabled device. As long as the browser is updated, you have nothing to worry about.  

That reduces the journey and the number of contacts you have to reach out to before getting a superb form for you. We do not refute the idea of seeing a law practitioner for it, but it’s quite hectic if you have to find one yourself.

When you are online, it’s easy to download a template, fill it and also involve everyone who needs to be on it. In addition, the agent and the notary (public) can input their initials and signatures while away, thanks to platforms like CocoDoc.

It’s legal to hire an agent through a readable power of attorney form from online sources. You may be confused about what to include, but we will address that later as we proceed.

Hiring Different Attorneys

There are different kinds of attorneys depending on what you need. For example, your agent could have the power to execute even the crucial details or just a few things stated on the form. Also, you can have an attorney who will continue to work even during incapacitation.

If you don’t want a long-term attorney, you can go for the shorter periods with defined duties to be attended to until incapacitation or death. At other times, you may want to hire a temporary agent who will take care of an errand.

Going online is a good idea since you get different templates that address different ways to appoint an attorney. CocoDoc has various templates that you can refer to, and we will address them after highlighting the use cases.

Some forms can have more than one attorney. If the main one is not available, then the next one can pick up the duties. So, heading online is a major advantage since such concerns are already addressed.   

Availing the Forms to the Participants Electronically

One major advantage of using online platforms is that you don’t have to meet the agent if they are not near at the time of the filling and signing. In addition, a website like CocoDoc will help you fill the form since it has the editing feature.

It will also assist in sharing the form with your agent(s) and a public notary via email where only link sending is involved. The participants can then proceed to fill and sign on their designated parts.

You will get a notification when the form is filled, which refutes the need to check on the progress. It’s worth remembering that CocoDoc can help you insert digital signatures on the document. If you don’t have one, it’s also possible to create.

Keeping the Records Safe and Readily Available

The forms are available online via web-based platforms. That means they have cloud space to store the documents after filling. It’s advisable to download and print to get a hard copy for you and the agents.

On the other hand, getting a copy online too will aid in retrieving quickly when the need arises. All you need is to access the platform you use via your phone or computer and download the file or preview.

Guideline to Create Custom POA Templates

The last point on how to use an online power of attorney form goes to offering the guidelines. You may wonder what to include and the laws to observe. That’s why the templates are equipped with all the statements you need.

The only thing left is filling in the empty spaces and sign after going through the document. So, if you have no idea of how to draft a POA form, going online will help you brainstorm or make the work easier by providing the necessary content.

Different Types of Power of Attorney Forms

Apart from using the online power of attorney forms, you may also wonder about the different types you can get. For example, someone who wants to hire a general agent will not have the same form as seeking an individual to represent the real estate.

Checking on the list below will also give you an idea of how you can use the various POA forms available:

  • Durable: It’s also known as the financial power of attorney. It’s the most common, and it’s used by those who need an attorney to handle all the financial matters on the principal’s behalf.
  • Limited: This is the POA form that gives the agent specific duties. It could be a one-time affair or for a particular period.
  • General: It has the same powers as the durable one. The difference is that the agent will not perform the tasks anymore upon the principal’s incapacitation.
  • IRS: This type of POA allows the hiring of a firm or a tax attorney to file federal taxes for the principal.
  • Medical or Health Care: It’s used by the principal to assign someone to handle their health matters and decisions when he/she is not able to do so.
  • Real estate: If you are buying, selling, or managing real estate property, this POA form assigns those duties to an agent to negotiate and work on your behalf.
  • Minor Child: This type of POA allows someone to transfer the care of their child to another individual, usually between six months to one year. It’s one of the temporary POA forms.
  • Vehicle: You get this form from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), where an agent is assigned to register, buy, or sell a car for you.
  • Revocation of Power of Attorney: This is the form that cancels the duties and power assigned to an agent.


You can use an online Power of Attorney form for various reasons, and we have seen some of the use cases. If you are not near a law practitioner and you don’t know who to call, CocoDoc will provide the best answers for you.

There are plenty of templates to utilize, and you can edit them while on the website. It will not cost you anything, and you also have a chance to store your documents virtually.