Many users are using Juno Email as one of the top service providers; however, in most instances, users experience technical issues, such as Juno mail setting up the pop server, Juno email settings for Outlook, and many more. First, you need to install Juno email on your PC to use it. Many users aren’t aware of how to set up Juno email Settings preferences to work with Outlook. The steps are listed in the following paragraphs:

Practical Steps to Setup Juno Email in Outlook

Step 1: Open The Windows menu, then click on the Outlook option on the screen.

Step 2: Go to Search and enter Outlook.

Step 3: Click or hover click twice on the icon, and the Outlook program will start on your device.

4. If you’re a Mac user, you may select the icon on your desktop or use The Finder search function to locate it.

The 5th step: Step 5:Tap to open the Tools option located at the right side of the screen.

6. Step 6:When you press the display, many choices will appear in front of you.

Step 7: From all possibilities, you need to search for email accounts and then click on them.

8. Step 8:Now, you’ll be presented with an option to add an email address to your account.

Step 9: Click the circle below it to create a brand new account.

Step 10: Then, you need to click the Next button.

Step 11. Step 11:The kind of mail you’re employing is POP3, which means you need to go to Juno settings for the email pop server.

Step 12: Tap the circle next to POP3, then click on Next to proceed to the next step.

13. Step 13:You will be greeted by a white box with your name displayed.

Step 14: Now, enter the name you would like to link to an email account.

Step 15: Enter your name. It will be displayed to those who receive emails from you.

Step 16: Next, write your full Juno email address in the box above the Email address.

17. 17. Now, input the server information for your Juno email account.

Step 18: Find the incoming mail server.

Step 19: You’ll notice a drop-down menu on top of it.

Step 20: You can select POP3 from the drop-down menu and into the box.

Step 21 In the outgoing server for mail, click on the option. You need to enter and click the next.

Stage 22 Step 22:Fill up all information required in your Juno email account that you wish to create in Outlook.

Step 23: In the field for username, enter your member ID.

Step 24: Now, enter your password in the area provided for the password.

26. Then, step 25. Choose the box next to Remember password if you would like Outlook to keep track of your password. Allow it to access your Juno email messages automatically.

Step 26: Click Test accounts settings. This will test all of the Juno email settings. You can also verify that Outlook can log in to the Juno mail account. If you encounter problems, you should check the spelling of the outgoing and incoming options for the mail server.

Step 27: After that, you’ll be able to find an email address field that has in it.

Instruction 28. To alter an email address, click in the box for your email address one time.

Step 29: Click on the Properties button and enter the name you prefer in the text box at the right.

Step 30: Select the advanced option within the properties section. Look to see if the checkbox next to it is marked with checked.

Step 31: Make sure that it’s not an x.

Step 32: Finally, Click OK to complete the setting for your Juno email within Outlook.

By following these steps, you will be able to quickly go with ease through Juno mail server configurations and access your account. If you experience any problems, contact the technical support team for prompt assistance.

How to Proceed Through the Juno Email Settings for Thunderbird?

Juno Email is one of the well-known email service providers utilized by millions of people worldwide. Numerous users use Juno over other Internet services. In addition to using the Internet, Juno provides an excellent email service. But, many users do not have any idea what to do with Juno email not working Follow the following steps to learn about Juno email server settings.

Juno email can be accessed on different platforms, and you can manage your account from any platform. It is possible to set up your Juno email address on your Android device following the steps below:

Server Settings for Device

The Juno settings for the email server on the devices are based on the following settings to set it.

Incoming mail server settings:

Server: POP/IMAP- POP3

Server address:

Port number 995

Security type Security type: SSL

Outgoing mail server settings:

Server address:

Port number 465

Log in: Required

Steps to Setup Juno Email Account

First Step: The first thing to do is open your Juno email settings on your device and click on the Accounts.

Step 2. Select the Add Account, then tap the new account.

Step 3. Then, input your Juno username and password in the required fields and click Next to continue.

4. Next, select the POP server and enter the details

POP server:

Server port: 995

SSL: yes

5. Next, press Next and enter the following details to the SMTP server.

SMTP server:

Server port: 465

SSL: yes

6. Click Next. After that, you are able to customize the name of the email account you have created with the Juno mail account.

Step 7. Click the”Finish” Setup icon to finish the setup process.