Perhaps, there is a good chance that you are fed up with T-Mobile and its network. Well, this doesn’t really mean that you have to give up the phone that you have purchased from the T-Mobile carrier. In fact, you may save your hard-earned money by bringing your old phone with you when you move to a new service. And if you have decided that you want to keep using the one you have already bought, then here is how to unlock any T-Mobile phone conveniently.

Well, if you are having trouble using the T-Mobile App and it keeps crashing on Android and iOS, be sure to have a T-Mobile account and at least Android above 6.0 and iOS device that is at least 6.0. The major reason behind the T-Mobile App Keeps Stopping is that T-Mobile doesn’t support the older versions of the operating system.

Coming back to unlocking your T-Mobile phone, first and foremost, you should know the benefits of using an unlocked mobile phone. Unlocking your phone gives you the freedom to switch carriers, which may be a significant consideration for you. There are a number of reasons why you may want to unlock your phone, including if you want to switch carriers, get a new plan, or have better coverage.

Maybe You Already Have an Unlocked T-Mobile Phone?

Regardless of the carrier you choose, you can easily unlock a phone on every carrier in 2022 by following the instructions on DigitalTrends. However, if you are particularly using a T-Mobile phone, chances are it may already be unlocked if you have owned one for a while. Nevertheless, the Un-Carrier doesn’t have the tightest unlocking criteria, and it’s not quite as freewheeling as Verizon. Whether you’re unsure if your phone is already unlocked, follow these instructions:

  • Open Your T-Mobile Account in a Browser
  • Login to Your Account
  • Select Accounts Page
  • Click on “Check Device Unlock Status”

It’s important to note that you can only perform these steps in a browser, as this feature isn’t available in a mobile application.

 What is the Criteria to Unlock T-Mobile?

If the phone you want to use isn’t already unlocked, you probably haven’t completed all of the conditions just yet. Different T-Mobile plans have somewhat different restrictions, so you’ll need to read the information below before beginning the procedure.

  • Be Sure T-Mobile Has Sold its Device to You
  • Your Phone Must Not be Stolen or Lost
  • Your Account has to have a Good Status with the Carrier.
  • Be Sure You Have Paid All the Bills

Eligibility Criteria for Postpaid and Prepaid Users

  • Are you a postpaid user of T-Mobile? We have listed down a bunch of instructions you must follow to meet the requirements.
  • At least forty days must have passed since the device’s first connection to the T-Mobile network.
  • Your monthly device payment plan must be paid in full.
  • If you’ve previously requested cancellation, your account balance must be zero.
  • T-Mobile may want further documentation or verification from you after the purchase has been made.

The criteria for prepaid users is a bit different to unlock a T-Mobile Phone. Here is a thorough guide and instructions you must follow to meet the requirements as a prepaid user.

  • You need to have activated the device on the T-Mobile network more than 365 days prior to making this request.
  • If it hasn’t been used for at least a year, there must have been more than $100 worth of refills on the device throughout its active time.
  • Two mobile devices per customer every 12 months are allowed to be unlocked.
  • T-Mobile has the right to seek more information or proof of purchase from you at any time.

Besides postpaid and prepaid plans, what kind of smartphone do you use? Businessinsider gives thorough information on how to unlock T-Mobile on numerous Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and others.

Are you meeting all the requirements regardless of whether you are a postpaid or a prepaid user of T-Mobile? Now, you are all set to have real fun using your T-Mobile phone.