When you do not have a lot of time in the morning to cook a full breakfast, a meal replacement shake can be just the thing you need for a quick morning meal. But did you know that a meal replacement shake can help support your mind and body with the energy needed to get you through work and play?

A meal replacement shake is designed to provide an optimal blend of macronutrients along with vitamins and minerals to help support your body’s functions including energy production.

We will take a look at how having a meal replacement shake for breakfast can provide you with the fuel you need each day.

A Meal Replacement Shake Can Energize You for Your Workday

Your typical workday can demand a lot of mental energy. Without consuming the proper nutrients at your morning meal, getting through all of your mental obligations can be a struggle. Your brain needs the right fuel to help you stay sharp, focused, and creative. Although your brain makes up a mere two percent of your body mass, it requires about 20 percent of your body’s energy supply to keep it functioning optimally. A hungry brain can leave you feeling mentally sluggish and daydreaming about lunchtime.

To help energize your brain to take on all of your daily work tasks, you need to feed it adequate amounts of specific nutrients. Some of the top nutrients for helping to maintain mental energy include:

  • Antioxidants can act as a protector of the brain through the balancing of free radicals. They also help support the cellular structures of the brain and maintain healthy cognitive function.
  • B vitamins serve many roles in your brain’s function including glucose processing, production of neurotransmitters, supporting cognitive performance, myelin maintenance, and supporting memory.
  • Coenzyme Q10 works with vitamin E to help maintain the balance of free radicals and helps to support cognitive function.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids support mental energy by helping maintain a steady flow of glucose to the brain, its main source of fuel. They can also support healthy circulation in the brain and help maintain learning ability and memory.

A meal replacement shake can often provide a wide array of the vitamins and minerals needed to help support mental energy. To complement your energy-supporting diet, you may want to include food and supplements that also supply CoQ10 and omega-3s.

A Meal Replacement Shake Can Fuel You for Your Weekend Adventures

If you are a weekend warrior, you know that proper nutrition can make all the difference in your physical performance. Whether you are hiking, biking, hitting the slopes, or just heading to the gym for a weight training session, you need the right balance of nutrients to supply you with steady energy.

To help maintain optimal energy while you enjoy your active weekends, you will need an ideal balance of:

  • Calories are units of energy and your caloric needs will vary depending on your activity levels.
  • Carbohydrates provide a quick source of energy and are mainly stored in the muscles. For intense physical activity, you may need to consume carbs during your activity as well as before and after.
  • Protein is essential for muscle growth and to help repair and rebuild tissue after it is broken down through exercise.
  • B vitamins play a large role in energy production.
  • Vitamin C assists with the transfer of nutrients to the mitochondria for energy production.

The best meal replacement shake for optimal energy will be specially designed to include a balance of all of the above nutrients.

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