The development of IT technologies has changed the gaming industry. Now you can play with people from anywhere in the world, and artificial intelligence makes the game safer and more responsible for the user. In this review, we will talk about how the gambling industry is changing under the influence of new technologies, why they are similar to Netflix, and what a player can get in a casino right now.

Personalized recommendations like on Netflix

Modern technologies help online platforms like Zodiac Casino to better understand what their customer wants and improve the gaming experience. AI provides an opportunity to try new approaches to organize all processes in the casino. People already use artificial intelligence in their work with big data. Algorithms process them, and this subsequently allows automating some processes. Just like Netflix personalizes the recommendations for a specific person, the authorized casino users will see their favorite games first.

Artificial intelligence that protects you

Virtual casinos began to integrate the principles of responsible gambling. Artificial intelligence helps casinos to be accountable to players, company employees, and other stakeholders:

  • they teach gamblers the principles of responsible gambling;
  • there are certain patterns by which a person can cross the red line during the game. Artificial intelligence understands these triggers and offers the player content in which he will be less involved;
  • The player can set the rules himself, such as time and budget limits. This approach to the game is mandatory in legal casinos.

The market is not yet developed enough to completely abandon manual control. But the trend is noticeable, and in the near future, artificial intelligence itself will understand when it is necessary to stop a person who has become addicted. Social experiments show that at least 5% of people will always abuse something: drugs, food, shopping, etc. Therefore, a casino will be able to protect such a person and stop him with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI in Live casinos

You probably already know how a live casino works. When the croupier deals cards or spins the wheel, you can see the outcome both on the video and on your screen. To guarantee that you can see info about the draws on your screen, an optical character recognition system is used. It determines the denomination of cards or where the roulette ball fell and displays them on the screen. The same technology is used in other fields. For example, some offer to read license plates in this way, others use technology to convert printed documents into digital ones. All information about the results of the round, bets, and winners is processed by the control unit, and the players are automatically credited with their winnings.

Gambling resources are constantly expanding their functionality and their own capabilities. This makes the online gaming experience even more interesting. The security issue for Internet sites is in the first place, so operators continue to introduce modern and progressive measures like AI to protect their clients.