In a covid world, when life has come to a standstill, video watching has increased and so has video production. There is an increased demand for quality content as people lock themselves indoors. People have been sitting at home most of the time due to prolonged lock-downs, and they have shifted their mental engagement to watching videos. There is a growing trend of craving new forms of entertainment. 

The Covid crisis has been redefining our lives and tastes. People are not visiting theatres and film halls anymore. As they seek entertainment in the confines of their homes, demands for online video content are growing exponentially. Video production companies have upped their ante with increased production of various types of video contents. They are experimenting with innovative ways to meet consumers’ demands and keep their interests going. 

Melbourne-Based Video Production Companies Are Influencing The Market Like Never Before: 

Melbourne-based media houses are developing new marketing strategies to reach out to all sections of the audience, and therefore, Video production in Melbourne, Australia has skyrocketed as never before. The production industry has been coming up with new subjects and methods for the market. It is influencing the market and leading the change in the entertainment sector as the leading industry internationally. Video content production is no more limited to the entertainment industry alone. Now the education and health sectors produce videos for their clients, and so do marketing agencies and information and sharing platforms.

As the trend keeps changing, about eighty percent of the regular consumers of digital content have increased their content use during the Covid-19 pandemic. An estimate predicts that eighty-two percent of the content in 2022 will be video content. The Melbourne-based production companies are producing various types of videos and influencing the market. They are meeting the demand and taste of all sections of the audience in Australia and abroad.

Types Of Video Production Happening In Melbourne-Australia:

1. Corporate Videos

Business companies and organisations are undertaking corporate video production for corporate communications, training, and marketing. Employees need these videos because they have to work from home, and they need guidance, instructions, skills upgrades on how to do remote work, and have regular communications with the office, their clients, and the management team.

 Corporations and organisations also produce videos to introduce their products and services to the customers and market themselves as better brands. Their video types include promotional videos, testimonials, branding, and industrial besides, social media clips.

2. Production Of Personalised Videos

The market is adapting technologies to keep up with the latest developments in the field. The businesses are addressing the customers directly through videos. Content creators are producing personalised videos and ensuring the attention and participation of audiences. In a personalised video, you leverage the technology for personal-level interactive reach to a large audience. Personalised videos create a scope for the participants to maximise their engagement in video watching process. It makes them feel that the video is theirs and they are the central players. In a personalised video, the participant uploads his personalised statements, practices for role-playing, and a VR tour.

This process works on a video personalisation platform- and allows thousands of customers to use the same video individually. There are fields designated for inserting personal details like name, email address, personal profile, profile images, job, and company details, etc. At the end of it, customers feel involved and satisfied.

3.     Production Of Interactive Videos

The production of interactive videos is the latest in the line. It is a form of digital video which supports user interaction. The viewers can click on their devices like laptops, desktops, or mobile phones within the video to get action. The video will have a clickable spot, known as hot-spot, and when you click on you get the intended action.

With a click, you can get into another video or some information that you are looking for. We can use digital action like a drag, click, and gesture for interacting with the video content, as we would interact in web content. Thevideo production in Melbournehas been pioneering all these innovations, and experimentation on a conversation with the video characters as if you really talk and interact with them.

4.     Animation Videos Production

Animation videos have been gaining ground and making waves in the Covid- affected- world, like other types of videos. Animation video watching is no longer limited to children. The delightful and heartwarming qualities of the video characters are drawing the audience as families sit together to watch the videos.

Animation Video Production in Australia has been showing an upward trend in recent times. You can have animation videos that feature you with the characters or explainer animations for your projects. You have dedicated studios and specialist animation video creators to help you.

5.     Production Of Augmented Reality Videos

Video production companies are breaking into new frontiers. They are experimenting with augmented reality by incorporating 3D imaging in videography. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is integrating virtual reality with the real world to provide more than real-life experience to the audience. By using computer-generated information, it is adding visual and auditory effects to an interactive video experience.

With augmented reality video production, the industry is revolutionising videography. The viewers get an enhanced experience of the natural environment and get immersed in it. The technology has got an immense potential to gather tacit knowledge and share it among the customers.

6.     Production of Virtual Reality Videos

The most advanced technology in video production is virtual reality video production. It is a front-line invention in videography and it helps the viewers to feel a part of the reality created virtually. The pictures and colours produced in the virtual production usually magnify and exaggerate the real world. The virtual videos look more than real and make the viewers as being a part of the surrounding within the given context. The person gets deeply immersed in virtual reality with all types of intense moods and feelings as the events in the content may demand.

The film and video-making industry has been increasingly using virtual reality techniques in film and video productions. There have been many outstanding films and videos made recently in VFX studios without going to real locations. Virtual production is shaking up VFX and redefining future films. The virtual reality videos are replicating the real-time environment and surroundings in a studio setup.

The technicolour pipeline is used to create astounding visuals in virtual production. Computer graphics generated animated figures become real-life figures and characters in the film. Very special and advanced pieces of equipment along with highly trained and skilled technicians work in coordination to produce out-of-the-world-quality videos and films for the market.


Film and Video production in Melbourne-Australia has always drawn the attention of international audiences with its quality productions. The local companies, the film directors, and the film crews have always been of the top class in the market.  The video production companies have been competitive and competent in producing all genres of videos for public consumption.

They study the emerging tastes and moods of the national and international audience. They equip themselves with the latest technology and skills available in the field of filmmaking and videography. That is why it is worth investing your time, money, and energy with these companies for your video production because you are assured of excellent products.