It’s unfortunate. But many of us become financially overextended. From one too many credit cards to thousands of dollars in back doctor bills, debt crushes hopes and dreams. The results can be devastating to families planning for the future

Owing money is the least of your worries. Your credit score suffers if you cannot pay your billsand you’ll eventually lose the ability to get more credit. In many cases when you do qualify for the credit you must pay high interest rates, the high rates good credit holders don’t pay.

Before You Call

How are debt relief company fees calculated? Before calling a debt relief company do some research. First, stay away from debt relief companies that insist they can help you get your debts declared invalid. These types of companies prey on people who need desperate help.

Second, investigate the company by first looking at any potential Better Business Bureau complaints against them. You could even contact your state’s attorney general. Finally, reputable debt relief companies will not ask for any money upfront. If they do, it might be a scam. Also, debt relief companies should not offer any guarantees.

Debt Relief Fee Structures

When you contact a debt relief company you agree to let them help you negotiate partial payment (in a lump sum) of your debt. The debt relief company contacts your debtors on your behalf to negotiate the debt’s amount down to a settlement offer. This only works because creditors believe they will not get any more money from you, which is true in most cases. The benefit is the settlement ends up being less than is owed. You can get the full details of this works at

Yes, there is a fee. However, the fee’s amount can vary by client and is based on the amount of the debt the client enrolls in the program as well as the state in which they live. Here’s what you need to know.

The structure of your debt relief program should have a section that awards the debt relief program facilitator a fee for services. This will generally be a percentage of the regular payments made to the debt relief company.

At Freedom Debt Relief the fee is between 15% and 25%. The best option is having the fees be part of the eliminated debt, not part of a debt balance when you sign up. This gives the debt relief company the ability to cut more debt.

Feel free to shop around for better rates. However, at Freedom Debt Relief our fee structure is competitive with similar companies. Everything will always be in writing, so you understand what happens and why.

We Love Success Stories

Debt relief companies have a vested interest in seeing someone successfully complete a debt relief program. You should pay no fees until your debt settlements are negotiated. Again, if the company asks for fees upfront, walk away! At Freedom Debt Relief. You must authorize the fees, so you’ll always know your fee’s details

At Freedom Debt Relief we give you tools to help you be successful at sensible debt management. We offer an online client dashboard that lets you keep track of your progress. Better yet, you have this control 24/7. Day or night you’ll see your debt go from the enrolled status to the negotiated stage, then, at last, the settled stage.


When you call Freedom Debt Relief, you no longer need the answer to how are debt relief company fees calculated. As a top provider of debt relief services we understand you need to know what is going on. As a debt relief company, we act on your behalf to settle the unsecured debt. Give Freedom Debt Relief a call today and start feeling like you have the control you need to manage your debt.