Actually, it is not only growth but pure survival. What reliable and effective IT support companies did is help the businesses survive.


Almost two years into the pandemic has proven challenging for many industries. Two of them, however, have definitely prospered over the same period. One is obviously the pharmaceutical industry. The second one is the IT industry. We all know why the first industry did well. Here is the story of the runner-up.

Probably the main reason why the IT industry did not shrink (even in 2020 it marked a modest growth) is that organisations across the world saw it as the saviour during pandemic restrictions: 

  • Doctors increased their efficiency using telemedicine IT solutions;
  • Employees started working from home using a bunch of hardware and software solutions;
  • Kids grew accustomed to e-learning;
  • Online shopping blossomed;
  • Financial institutions went digital;
  • All of us started moving to the cloud.

Virtually all aspects of our lives were strongly impacted by IT technology. Businesses from all industries were quick to adopt the latest technology in their work. How is this happening?

Managed It Support In Sydney

It used to be that businesses used to have all their IT hardware in the office and a dedicated IT support team in-house. With the rapid pace of development of IT technologies, these proved inefficient. Business hardware became outdated much too quickly. The in-house IT support, could not master all new software, which was rolling out on daily basis. 

The solution to these difficulties came from outsourced IT services in Sydney, as well as all around the globe. Today we call them “managed IT support”. This means external to the organisation teams of IT specialists, helping businesses survive, grow and flourish in this ever-changing technological landscape. Hence a good and reliable IT support company is crucial for business continuity.

How Does External It Support In Sydney Help?

As IT has penetrated all aspects of business life, its proper and timely use can beneficially impact all processes within a company. Here is the blueprint for the most important steps and how you can use managed IT services in Sydney (and across the world):

Chose The Right Components For The Job

This should be your first step. With the support of your IT consultants choose the most appropriate technology for all of your business needs.

Make Power Reliable

IT devices work with electricity. You need to ascertain that your power supply will be stable and never stop. Ask your IT service provider to support you in making IT power reliable and consistent.

It Security

Sadly technology has some malicious uses, and there are people to try to take advantage of this. However, your IT managed services can help protect your IT infrastructure and your data against such attacks.

Backup And Continuity Plan – Disaster Recovery

Having strong IT security is not enough. Sometimes wrong-doers find breaches in your security system. Your company needs to build a Back-up Plan and set up a business continuity disaster recovery strategy. This will make your systems and data impregnable for all sorts of disasters (not only security breaches). Your IT managed services will facilitate this process.

Optimise Processes

Business process optimisation has been the domain of IT for quite some time. Technology makes all components of the corporate workflow more effective, fast, and cost-efficient. 

Streamline Business Communication

Technology allows us to stay connected wherever we are. Working from home is becoming more and more common. Hence your business needs to make use of the internet, meeting platforms, chat, and video and integrate all of this into one user-friendly business communication system. Your employees, customers, and partners will love you for that. Consult with your IT support company on ways to go about it. 

Digitalise Your Marketing

IT has penetrated strongly the field of marketing. Old fashioned commercials and other marketing communications have a smaller and smaller effect. Your business needs to get an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy in place, use social media, in effect digitalise the whole line of marketing. This is the only way which will get your marketing message across to your targets and customers. Use your IT consultants to come up to speed.

Use Social To Get To Know Your Customers

KYC has moved to a totally new level, using the insights generated by social media. Now it is easy to target your marketing campaigns directly at your demographic, geographic, income, age, gender, user preference … You can really get to know your prospects. Not only that, but with IT you can analyse customer behaviour. Using this you can boost your sales per customer. Your IT managed services can consult you on how to go about it and strongly increase your sales.

Digitalise Lead And Customer Support

Surely you may have noticed how websites started to have “live” chats waiting for each and every visitor 24/7. The same goes for customer support for your products and services. These chats normally cover more or less the same Q&A. Hence they are perfect for automation. 

Chatbots, which are powered by machine learning, are quickly taking over this scene. The reason is that they are doing their “job” much more efficiently and error-free. Customers benefit hugely and come back again and again. Consult with your IT support company today to boost your lead and customer support productivity.

Our list of corporate benefits from using managed IT services is far from exhaustive because technology keeps on evolving. Starting from them, however, your business can aim for incorporating newer and newer technology, and never lag behind the competition. You can incorporate AI for analysing your data and powering up your chat-bots. You may prepare for moving to the Metaverse (we will all wind up there soon). 

You may automate many of the tedious tasks done today by humans (bookkeeping, call-center support).   

Effective IT services have helped companies push through the pandemic restrictions and are powering up our businesses for the future. The logic is simple – become more competitive using technology or fall out of your markets.