The body is a multisystem wherein all the organs work together to help with daily operations and contribute to skills, talents. But no one is 100% self-sufficient. However, one can rely on nutrients from external sources. These nutrients are essential because they are a great contributor to the operations in the body. To give the body the essential nutrients, you can go for Myers cocktail IV therapy in Dubai. It will help boost the immune system and offer multiple other benefits. However, there is still doubt about the effeciency. Here check the details to clear your doubt. From the ingredients in the IV therapy to the benefits, everything has been cleared.

What is included in Myers cocktail?

Here are the following ingredients included in Myers cocktail IV therapy in Dubai

            B vitamins

Generally, people have a misconception thinking that vitamin B provides energy to the body. But in reality, Vitamin E helps extract the energy from the calories you intake and transfer it to the cells for daily activities. Some of the other responsibilities of Vitamin b include red blood cell synthesis, boosting memory, age-related eye health, and improving the metrics of bones.

•            Vitamin C

It is quite a popular nutrient for immunity.  Besides the Vitamin C intake even contributes to the iron absorption of the body. Vitamin C is known for reducing fat absorption. Further, it greatly contributes to hair growth.

•            Magnesium

It is an electrolyte that is commonly found intracellularly for regulating blood pressure. It is the presence of mineral magnesium that contributes to lymphatic, cardiovascular, and skeletal system operations. Besides this, studies have also shown that magnesium is quite an essential nutrient for the immune system as it helps prevent diabetes.

•            Calcium

Calcium is quite an essential nutrient for nail, bone, and hair growth. It works closely with the other nutrients like magnesium in the body for biochemical reactions.

All of these ingredients work together to provide the body with all the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and carry out the daily operations smoothly.

Benefits of Myers cocktail

There are multiple benefits you can get with Myers cocktail IV therapy in Dubai. Here are the details that will clear your mind.

•            Mood enhancement

Vitamin B12 is a major part of Myers IV therapy can lead to mood enhancement. A deficiency of this nutrient is known as a major cause of depression. This happens because of the inability to make enough serotonin which is the comforting hormone of the body.

•            Energy level enhancement

The nutrients present in the IV therapy help convert energy from the calories to carry out the regular operations properly. Without the presence of vitamin B, the energy will turn into fat which could not support regular operations.

•            Alleviating pain

Pain is generally associated with female issues and fibromyalgia. The presence of magnesium in Myers cocktail therapy helps eliminate the misfiring nerve transmission in the muscular system. Further, the studies stated the patients who received the treatment had experienced relief in one way or another.

•            Enhanced immunity and disease prevention

The reports of multiple studies have revealed that therapy can actually help boost the immune. The presence of Vitamin C in the therapy, contributes to great benefits for the body. Besides, it is also is a strong contributor in helping fight cancer, preventing asthma attacks, and other diseases.

•            Memory

As per a study on Alzheimer’s, it was revealed that people who suffer from dementia generally have low Vitamin C. The presence of Vitamin B and C in the Myers cocktail therapy thus helps with memory retention.

IV therapy treatment is a highly beneficial option for many people who suffer from medical issues for pain. The therapy helps provide the body all the essential nutrients quickly. This ensures better absorption and fast results. Irrespective of the medical condition, you can try out IV therapy to see the benefits it can offer your body. For sure the results will be satisfactory.


The best part about Myers cocktail therapy is it is administered by a trained healthcare professional. It is quite an advanced way of enhancing the nutrients in the body and preventing any diseases. The benefits of the therapy clearly show that Myers cocktail therapy can actually help improve overall health. However, it is vital to visit a reliable center for your Myers cocktail IV therapy in Dubai. Atelier Clinic is the one you can trust for your therapy. They have experienced professionals who will provide you great comfort throughout the therapy and ensure you are relaxed and in a comfortable environment. It is one of the leading centers you can visit in the UAE for therapy. Besides, the cost of their service is highly affordable. So make sure you schedule your next appointment at the clinic.


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