Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, often known as TMJ disorder, is an illness that affects the muscles around the jaw. The symptoms of this condition can severely affect a person’s quality of life and range from minor discomfort to severe pain. 

Even though therapies are available, a healthy lifestyle is crucial to controlling TMJ problems. This article will cover the value of leading a healthy lifestyle to treat TMJ disease, and the all-natural remedy Cornerstone Dental Wellness offers all its patients. 

But before we reveal healthy lifestyle habits for controlling the disorder, let’s know a little about TMJ dysfunction:

TMJ Disorder

The TMJ condition affects the jaw joint and its supporting muscles, which frequently results in symptoms like jaw discomfort, headaches, facial pain, and trouble speaking or chewing. Sometimes a TMJ issue is diagnosed with TMJ arthroscopy. 

Your dentist near you places an arthroscope, a tiny camera, and a cannula during a TMJ arthroscopy to observe the affected area and assist in making a diagnosis. Your dentist will look at your jaw closely to make a few observations like: 

  • Paying attention to and feeling your jaw when you open and close your mouth
  • Check your jaw’s range of motion
  • Locate any areas of pain or discomfort
  • Press on the area around your jaw

Further, based on these actions, your dentist might take:

  • X-rays to inspect your teeth and jaw
  • CT scan to produce comprehensive pictures of the bones that make up the joint
  • MRI to detect issues with the joint’s disc or the soft tissue around it

And lastly, discuss symptoms with you to control TMJ disorder with your healthy lifestyle habits. Here are the top seven healthy habits that you should follow: 

1. Regular Exercise Might Help

Regular stretching and exercise can ease jaw muscle tension and increase jaw mobility. Physical activities like yoga and swimming build muscle strength and develop postural integrity. A neuromuscular orthotic that integrates posture and bite will boost patient strength while reducing complaints. 

Additionally, perform gentle jaw exercises under the guidance of a dental professional. These jaw exercises elevate jaw mobility and increase the muscles around TMJ-affected teeth. But take care and avoid extreme or forceful movements that could augment symptoms. 

2. Manage Your Stress

We all know one thing that stress causes too many conditions in the human body. Stress and anxiety can worsen TMJ symptoms by causing teeth clenching and jaw tightness. Participating in stress-relieving exercises like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation can help relieve the muscles and prevent jaw clenching. Also, use your entire mouth to chew the food. Using only one side for years can also cause TMJ disorders. 

3. Enhanced Sleep Cycle 

To maintain overall well-being and health and treat TMJ disorders, sleep is super important. TMJ symptoms might get more painful and uncomfortable and worsen if you don’t get enough sleep. 

By maintaining a regular sleep schedule and practising appropriate sleep hygiene, such as limiting screen time before hitting the bed and having a peaceful surrounding in your bedroom, one can achieve improved sleep quality and reduced TMJ symptoms. 

Don’t forget to obtain adequate restorative sleep each night. Use a soft cushion while sleeping in a posture that relieves the least pressure from the jaw.

4. Improved Eating Habits 

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most crucial aspects of managing TMJ disorders. A nutritious, vitamin- and mineral-rich diet can help reduce swelling and promote healing in the wounded area. Foods high in omega-3s, such as salmon and walnuts, have anti-inflammatory properties and may aid in TMJ pain management. 

Contrarily, some foods may worsen TMJ symptoms. Hard, chewy items like gum and candy can stress the jaw muscles and worsen the pain. Caffeine and alcohol can both aggravate TMJ symptoms by increasing tension. 

Instead, include nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats that are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants on a regular basis in your diet.

5. Using Technology And Expertise 

Although TMJ can be adequately managed with lifestyle adjustments, some might need additional treatment choices. Cornerstone Dental Wellness provides a natural and effective TMJ treatment in Okotoks.

Modern technology and holistic, non-surgical treatments are combined to effectively and permanently cure TMJ’s condition. We have a highly trained staff that uses cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, such as 3D imaging and electromyography, to diagnose the ailment and correctly create a unique treatment plan. 

6. Oral Habits And Overexertion

Avoid practices that strain the TMJ and aggravate symptoms, such as excessive chewing of gum, biting of nails, and bruxism. Build a habit of wearing a mouthguard at night to protect your teeth and jaw from over-bruxism. 

Also, avoid using your jaw excessively, such as when you yawn widely or chew quickly. To ease jaw tension, take smaller bites and chop food into smaller pieces when you can. Not putting pressure on your jaws can help you avoid developing TMJ symptoms in your lifetime. 

7. Cold And Heat Therapies

Cold or warm packs can be applied to the jaw area to relieve pain and relax the muscles. It is one of the easiest ways to relieve tension around your jaw area. Depending on your symptoms and preferences, alternate between heat and cold therapy. Plus, do not continue heat or cold therapy for more than a few minutes. If you don’t relax, that’s a sign to visit a dentist near you immediately. 


Keep in mind that each person is unique, so what works for someone else might not work for you. Speaking with a healthcare professional always helps when implementing major lifestyle adjustments or attempting novel treatments. You can effectively manage TMJ conditions and enhance your general quality of life by combining a healthy lifestyle with appropriate medical care. 

Also, we are the providers of the best TMJ treatment near you. Therefore, never think that you are alone in this battle. We will help you with our fullest support, staff, and technology. So if you are looking for a dentist in Okotoks, Visit Cornerstone Dental Wellness, we are your best friend.