I recently purchased my first house in a Melbourne suburb of Watsonia and i contacted House Inspections to do a building inspection and as i wanted to save some money i decided not to add a termite (pest) inspection as well it saved me $100, well what a fool i was.

If you’re looking for a professional, hassle-free building inspection service by a certified building inspector, get in touch with the company that best fits your needs.

My inspector George told me it would be a good idea to do a termite inspection considering the age of the building but as i was adamant i said no Conducting a BUILDING INSPECTIONS MELBOURNE is important.

I got a call later the next day after my inspection was completed and i received some good and bad news, the good news was that there were no structural defects found but my home was termite infested with many elements of my home requiring major building works to remedy the defects within the structure.


There was HOUSE INSPECTIONS MELBOURNE team if you need for Sub floor joists and sections of bearers than contact with us, as well as many areas of the roof space floor joists and battens were so badly destroyed that it was declared a safety risk.

George decided that he would do the inspection for termites as well because during his inspection he found some issues that he was concerned and boy was i lucky, House Inspections saved me thousands by not buying this property, i eventually bought a property and i keep thinking how lucky i was finding someone as honest as George and House Inspections.


At a first glance when you look at the building report it might look very confusing but any good pre purchase building inspector will be able to walk you through the entire report and make you understand what each point means

 It would be important for you to remember that most homes always will have minor defects. Do not get too caught up in this process of building pre purchase inspections and only use this process to be able to educate yourself what will be required to rectify any defects within the property.

Structural building inspections are part of the pre purchase house inspection report which is a visual inspection only performed by a structural engineer to validate that a house is sound with no major structural defects throughout to beams, foundations, framing and trusses

The pre purchase building inspection or house inspection inspector will provide an approx. cost of any rectification works that may be required before purchase allowing you to budget.

Never go with the cheapest building inspector as you may be asking for trouble, not many realize that in Melbourne Australia the pre purchase building inspection industry is not regulated allowing any person to conduct an inspection, always check there building qualifications and any reviews they may have.

Although building inspectors can assist you in interpreting the building reports, not every kind of inspector will be able to give you the right advice on how to solve any issues that may arise

Also, the best inspector will be able to help safeguard all the property buyers against investing in defective properties. Pre-Purchase Building inspection in Melbourne reports will reveal any hidden problems that a property might be having giving investors peace of mind, having all the knowledge that is necessary before buying and understanding the building is safe with no structural issues that will set back the purchasers thousands of dollars.

Termite inspections are an important part of the pre purchase building inspection process as if a house has termite issues there may be structural problems within the building that are not easily identified without the experience of a building house inspector in Melbourne.

Extremely major, structural issues can be extremely expensive for the buyer if it is repaired after purchasing the property and therefore, it is important to understand before purchase what are the expenses that a prospective buyer will have before a building auction inspection.

This report can become an extremely powerful tool when it comes to the negotiation between the buyer and the seller.

It is recommended that all clients should be getting the building and pest inspection conducted by building and pest inspections Melbourne prior to settling any kind of offer from the seller of the property.

 Most people will always do it during the cooling-off period of the purchase, but it is suggested that it must be done before possession by the purchaser.

 The Pre purchase building inspector will inspect all aspects of the building including but not limited to the roof space, the roof, all external areas including hot water systems, water tanks as well as all internal areas of the building property ,asbestos will be identified and all electrical outlets will be inspected, contact us for more enquiries 

Before buying your next home get a Building inspections Melbourne report from House Inspections you will not regret it ,and for a home buyer to hear that his house has no defects that are major or any termites is the best news any home buyer can receive..

Any property can have major/minor structural defects or pest infestations which when go undetected can hurt your pocket in the long-term. But all this can be undone if you choose to not conduct a pre purchase property inspections Melbourne inspection.

House Inspections inspectors are VBA Registered Building Practitioners with years of experience so when you engage our services you will be given peace of mind that all defects will be recorded within your report.

. After a thorough inspection of every aspect of the home from the roof to the subfloor, a House Inspections report details defects which have been found, where they were found, and what action is required to rectify them.

 The report also includes photographs of most of the defects, as well as a detailed summary listing all of the major and minor defects.

The building & pest inspection report/termite inspection report informs you whether there is any existing termite damage, any live termites, any past termite damage, timber fungal decay (rot),  or borer damage. It also advises you on the areas of the property which may attract termites, as well as any action required to keep termites away from the building.