In this review-based post, we will share what we have learned about HostCano over the years so you can make an informed decision on the pros and cons of hosting with the best affordable though robust web hosting platform – HostCano.

Our reviews are partially based on performance tracking on sites we establish on each host – this (of course) includes HostCano web hosting. And because to take you behind the scenes and show you their features through my account.

We will also share an exclusive deal at the bottom of this page – where you can get HostCano Web Hosting at a special discount. Shared hosting starts at just as low as ₹ 49/month.

Further, we will discuss the compelling features and special discounts offered by HostCano, which make it the best web hosting platform.

So, here we go!                                                

First, let’s dig out some pros and advantages of HostCano:

Pros of HostCano Hosting

Excellent Hosting Performance: Uptime > 99.99%, TTFB, and Free Trial Access

One of the things in HostCano that will catch your eyeballs is that they offer one month of Free Trial access using a Coupon code.

Among the web hosting providers we have encountered, HostCano Hosting servers are some of the top-performing ones in the budget category. Their uptime is mostly well above the industry standard of 99.99.

More importantly, I have tested performance from multiple locations, all of which can boast a Time to First Byte (TTFB) of below 450ms.

Excellent Customer Care and Live Chat Support

Standard support procedure at HostCano Hosting includes:

  • Unparallel 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Multiple support channels (ticket system, phone, live chat, emails)
  • Easy refunds or account cancellations

Well known for its Technical Support, HostCano Hosting has a handful of positive Business reviews. It’s frequently highly rated by hosting review sites and, therefore, also has high expectations to live up to, especially in after-sales support.

When you conduct an undercover test of customer support, you will be stunned by live chat as it’s one of the best in the field. The first response time is less than 60 seconds, and queries will quickly get addressed.

One-stop Solution: All Hosting Features You Need in One Plan

As is usual, HostCano Hosting carries a complete range of shared plan types to address multiple scenarios. There’s something for everyone, from the most basic starter sites to heavy e-commerce users.

Some critical features included:

  • Choice of server locations between the U.S, Canada, Europe, Egypt, India, and Australia.
  • Offers automated site backup & restore.
  • Unlimited email accounts – access your inbox via Webmail, IMAP, POP
  • Free SSL certificates ready (Auto SSL),
  • Managed WordPress Hosting with built-in WP site builder 
  • PHP 8 ready – loads your sites 50% faster,
  • Pre-configured CMS during the order,
  • Professional web design service at a reasonable price,
  • Softaculous – install ~400 web apps in a few clicks,
  • SSH and SFTP access,
  • Unlimited cron jobs for all hosting plans, and
  • WP-CLI enabled – install and manage multisite WordPress


Plenty of room to grow

When running a website, you must always keep in mind room for expansion. You might be getting 50 hits a day today, but that might easily exceed 1,000 or so days in a year or two, perhaps even more.

Thankfully, HostCano Hosting has an extensive range of plans that you can incrementally upgrade to as you grow. You can also switch to VPS or dedicated hosting plans if you feel the shared plans are still too restrictive for you.

Are you feeling Confused? Which HostCano Hosting plans to go?

Being faced with too many choices can also, at times, be a headache. Decide if you’d prefer Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Server hosting.

You might consider VPS hosting a start for those who need server root access or special requirements such as custom software.

For everyone else, one of the shared plans will likely do fine for you (it’s usual to buy in at the lowest tier first).

HostCano has four different tiers of Business Class shared hosting plans – Starter, Business, Enterprise, and Professional.

While similar, each higher tier offers more features, such as more addon domains, parked domains, etc. The most important thing to note is how many websites each plan supports – if you only need to run a single site, go with core, the lowest package.

Remember, these packages can be upgraded at any time. All you’ll need to do is top up the price difference.

7-day money-back Guarantee

Some web hosts might try to get away with no money-back guarantees or limit you to a ridiculous few days. HostCano Hosting offers one of the most extended trial periods in the business – an eye-raising seven days!

Within those seven days, if you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve bought, you can request an account cancellation and a full refund.

Save up to 70% if you order HostCano Hosting now

HostCano’s shared hosting starter plan is usually priced at ₹49 per month for their Starter Plan.

If you order for a unique promo link, you’ll save up to 70%, paying less per month for a 36-month term.

Responsive Customer Support

Your experience with their customer support team would surely be excellent. Whether it’s their 24×7 live chat team, forum, or phone support, they ensure you consistently receive fast responses. They even offer to help transfer web files and databases for those with existing websites for free!

Final Verdict

We consider HostCano Hosting an excellent web hosting company – the web host is included in WHSR’s list of best web hosting, email hosting, and small business hosting.

If you are looking for a web hosting provider with a good reputation and solid performance and customer support, HostCano Hosting is the one for you. Also, remember that they have the facilities to let you scale up your plans anytime you want, so they are future-proof.