If you are a fan of shopping for electronic gadgets online, then you’ve been familiar with Horace Wolf. If you have, you’ll likely find this website to be amazing since it gives a great discount on every item. Are you sure that it’s legitimate? Are you looking for authentic reviews from customers that can inform you that it is legitimate?

Any question you may have regarding this site, we’ll provide all the information we’ve checked to those in the United States and United Kingdom audience. This can help you decide whether to buy from this shop or not. Let’s look at Horace Wolf Reviews.

What is Horace Wolf?

Horace Wolf offers an eCommerce platform for electronic products. It was founded in 2018 and took pride in offering top quality products to its customers at an affordable cost. According to their About Us page the company’s aim is to offer the products at a reasonable cost to ensure that everyone gets the advantage of the latest technology.

There is a wide selection of items like electronic erasers and in-stylers as well as cooking appliances, ornamental products as well as more on the website. Additionally, all of them are satisfactory, i.e., $19-$50. Everyone is excited by these offers however, the question is: is Horace Wolf a legitimate business? Let’s check.

Specifications of Horace Wolf

  • Official website URL- https://www.horacewolf.com/
  • Customer support mail- [email protected]
  • Type of Website- E-commerce
  • Payment options – Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal
  • Social Media Presence- No
  • Physical Address- Not Mentioned
  • Business Hours- Mon-Fri (9 AM-5PM)
  • Contact Number- Not Mentioned
  • Privacy policyis mentioned but isn’t explicit.
  • Refund policy: Mentioned and provided with 14 days’ money-back Guarantee.
  • Shipping policy: 3- 4 weeks. 3-10 days for order processing and shipping at 4ps.

Pros of Horace Wolf

  • Free shipping around the world
  • Easy payment option
  • A range of products
  • Special discount option

Cons of Horace Wolf

  • Negative Horace reviews of wolves
  • The website has not disclosed the details of the owner
  • Contact number is not working
  • The domain is associated with numerous countries, which could be an indication of a fake website

How do you place your order with Horace Wolf?

If you’d like to place an order with Horace Wolf, follow the listed steps.

  1. Visit the official site and sign up for an account.
  2. In this case, enter the email address , and then add the password.
  3. Once your email address is confirmed, you’ll be able to make your order with ease.

One can however make an order without having an account. This is a way to be guest buyers. However, the website indicates that members can avail the benefits of login.

Is Horace Wolf Legit?

  • The domain age of the site has been one year seven days. It was established on the 17th of November in 2020.
  • The site represents Too Good deals, which is a sign of scammers and the majority of people fall into easily.
  • The index for trust of Horace Wolf is 1% which is a shambles.
  • Horace’s domain Horace is associated with several domains of different countries and is classified in the category of fraud.
  • The customer support email is a reference to an email service that is free that does not respond to your questions.
  • Its Alexa score of the website is not great, i.e., 1,070,836.
  • No social media hyperlinks are available on the official website.

With these tips You can quickly determine the site that is highly suspicious.

What are Horace Wolf Reviews ?

In order to come up with an accurate conclusion We have analyzed this website thoroughly and concluded that the website to be fraudulent. In addition to a reliable website, we’ve found no reviews of customers on its official website or other social media sites. They claim that the website is a scam since they are not responsive to any of your questions or don’t provide you with confirmation when you place an orders.

Furthermore, nobody has yet received their packages. They have tracking numbers but it only shows 3-4 days for delivery. We suggest that you shouldn’t shop on the site in this scenario. In addition, the site does not provide their physical address or the contact information.

The Bottom Line

Shopping online is simple until you’re doing it on an authentic website. Therefore, we can conclusively say the fact that Horace Wolf is not legit by the above facts. It’s a huge fraud operating on bargains scheme. We recommend that everyone be sure to verify the authenticity of the website prior to purchasing. =