Are you looking for trendy men’s and ladies’ clothing, shoes, and accessories online in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Do you prefer free shipping on all of your orders? Do you want to take advantage of seasonal discounts, special sales and other promotional offers? offers these clothing and accessories at a very low MRP. Before you buy, however, we recommend that Hopomart reviews be read.

Brief: a relic e-store, which sells 256 products in the clothing, footwear and accessories categories.

  • 19 Men’s tops
  • 125 men’s shoes
  • 21 Dresses for Women
  • 79 footwear items for women
  • 12 women’s tops

Hopomart’s mission statement in the ‘About Us’ section is generic and stolen from might be a Scam.’s Trust, Alexa and Business rankings were average, but it was found that it was being run by scamming networks using Shopify. This is a common practice in high risk countries. These factors are Is Hopomart Legit


  • Buy clothing, shoes and accessories at:
  • Social media Link:Not included on Hopomart.
  • price: between $39.99 – $69.99
  • Physical Address:unspecified by Hopomart
  • Customer reviews and blogs:customer ratings are available on Hopomart.
  • Terms, Conditions: Mentioned, but Hopomart discovered plagiarism.
  • Privacy policy: is mentioned, but Hopomart has been found to contain plagiarism.
  • Phone or whatsapp:phone phone number is +1 (502)833-8765, as stated on the @Hopomart facebook pages.
  • Location locator: addresses for physical stores were not added to Hopomart.
  • Help & FAQ: currently available at Hopomart.
  • Delivery policy:Hopomart will deliver your clothing within seven to thirty five days.
  • Hopomart reviews . Shipping Policy:Hopomart delivers orders within 24 Hours.
  • Cancellation Policies:unspecified in Hopomart
  • Return policy:Hopomart is open to returns within 30 days.
  • Tracking: possible with an order number at
  • Returns Policy:Hopomart credits the amount within seven days of initial payment.
  • Stocking fee:unspecified Hopomart
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Modes of Payment:via Amex and ApplePay, GPay, JCB and MasterCard. ShopPay and Visa available in USD and GBP.
  • Newsletters supported by Hopomart


  • gives 8% off to their first customers
  • offers more 20% savings on selected sale items, according to Hopomart Comments
  • Facebook pages will announce seasonal sales discounts offering up to 15% off additional purchases
  •’s user-friendly interface allows for easy searching, filtering, sorting and sorting.
  • offers shipping worldwide for orders above $79.99


  • Due to the fact that they come from different countries, the sizes of accessories, clothing and shoes may vary.
  • is not able to provide any information regarding the cancellation policy and physical address.
  • Credit cards are not available for payment during checkout
  • product pages have missing product specifications
  • has not been able to find any Announcements or Offers on Facebook pages. This suggests that is mismanaging its website and social relationships.

Is Hopomart Legit?

  • Hopomart Creation 10th March 2021, at 1:13:12.
  • Hopomartage: one to three years, one to one and three months old.
  • Hopomart. Updated on: 06/01/2022 at 1:20.35
  • Hopomart Expiry: March 20, 2023 at 1:13;12.
  • Hopomart life expectancy expires in 11 months and 4 days
  • Trust Index Hopomart receives an average trust index score of 60%
  • Ranking of Businesses:Hopomart is ranked at 51.7%.
  • Where are you from?Hopomart came from China, which is high-risk.
  • Status for Blacklisting Hopomart does not have to be blacklisted.
  • SSL Statusits ID is valid for the next64 days.
  • Hopomart reviews on Connection Security.Hopomart uses valid HTTPS protocols.
  • Threat Profil:7%.
  • Phishing Score is 7%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 4%.
  • Malware Score4%
  • Spam Score1%
  • Contact personunspecified Hopomart
  • Social relationships: @Hopomart can be found on FB with 1,453 users.
  • Owner’s contact details and identity:unspecified from Hopomart

Customer Reviews: appears to be a Scam according to at least two YouTube reviews, and more than ten site reviews. Hopomart also has an average 725,351 Alexa rank. reviews are positive and rated 5-stars.’s product reviews are therefore not real. User reviews weren’t included in FB pages.


Hopomart Commentsconcludes might be a Scam. It was a website owned by scammers. originates from a high-risk nation and has a limited life expectancy. There are no reviews from users or testimonials about delivery on the internet.