HoomBand is a Mind wrap that Offers wireless headphones to wear while sleeping or for a comfortable way to listen to music and audio. The device wraps around the whole head, including the forehead and ears, while in use.

What is HoomBand?

For Consumers who struggle to fall asleep, the pharmaceutical industry has produced many choices. There are drugs, supplements, aromatherapy, and much better pillows. But, nothing is quite as relaxing as listening to the perfect songs to let the mind wander in the dreaming world. As opposed to letting music go to high volumes around the home to get an immersive experience, the HoomBand is a little more personal.

HoomBand connects To the origin of the sound over a Bluetooth link, allowing users to control the apparatus from their smartphone using the corresponding program. Users will have access to all the music content on the program, which are all meant to encourage improvements in sleep. Some of the articles includes the natural sounds in the world, such as white noise and ASMR records, while others focus on inward manifestation with hypnotic stories and guided meditation. In total, the program offers over 100 hours of audio to test out, and they are available in offline mode to prevent employing a Wi-Fi connection.

Apart Out of all the helpful sound, customers get the comfortable HoomBand. The earphones within the fabric are level, making sure they are comfortable to sleep on with the 3D foam which affirms the ears. Additionally, with the ventilation, it won’t cause the user to become sweaty or hot at night. If the material gets dirty or needs regular washing to become sterile, the cloth may safely go into a washing machine with no wireless headset.

Users That would like to listen to audio out of the program will have no issue. Anything that consumers play from a telephone or tablet can be performed through the headphones, and they are compatible with any audio-playing smartphone program. With over 50,000 customers already, consumers can purchase the HoomBand while it’s still fresh to the general public.

Purchasing HoomBand

For One HoomBand, the entire cost is $79.90, plus the $5.99 shipping fee. However, getting a night of relaxing music to break with is not only for a single member of the household, which is the reason why there are lots of other packages offered too.

Other packages include:

Two HoomBands for $118.50 (with free shipping)

Three HoomBands for $158.00 (with free shipping)

Since This product might not work for everybody (according to relaxation, nightly needs, etc.), users are provided a 100-day return coverage to get their cash back if necessary.

Often Asked Questions Around HoomBand

What smartphones may HoomBand Be linked to?

Users can sync HoomBand to Any mobile phone or smartphoneall it needs is a Bluetooth connection. The app itself doesn’t work on all devices. Instead, users with an Android 4.5 or an iOS 10 should have the ability to download it. Even if the user isn’t on the world wide web, the program will still allow the user to play audio.

How long can HoomBand need To charge?

Users may plug in the Mini-USB charging cable to the device and a power supply for two hours to charge battery. After two weeks, HoomBand will work for as much as ten hours.

What occurs when the audio Is done playing against the app?

Whenever the consumer chooses one Of the meditations or tales from the program, it will shut down upon completion. Users who choose a white noise loop or a soundscape will continue to perform during the night to stop other noises out of waking them.

May the HoomBand be used by Kids?

Yes, but only to an extent. Exposure to sound for hours while sleeping isn’t safe for younger ears, and parents should limit their older children in the same way they want with regular headphones.

How do consumers ensure that They’ll get the right size for their HoomBand?

Presently, there are two Sizes — S and M/L. The S size will fit heads that are 22 inches or less in circumference, while the M/L size is for anybody above this measurement. Users may wrap a measuring tape around their head, going over both ears, the rest of the neck, and the brow to measure where the HoomBand should match.

If The consumer finds that they have other questions about the HoomBand, they can send an email to [email protected].


The HoomBand is a helpful nighttime accessory for anyone who enjoys great music at night and likes to listen to relaxing tones as they sleep. The Bluetooth-enabled headphones are meant to work directly using the app, but users may play any sound on their smartphone for the most out of this product. With high-quality speakers and many sizes offered, customers can subtly listen to their own most-wanted music was that they fall asleep.