This article describes the rapid spreading wildfire that ravaged a Texas constituency and the official rescue operations. Learn more about Hood County Fires.

Do you want to know more about the ongoing wildfire that has decimated acres of forest? Let’s take a closer look at the latest case scenarios and official information regarding rescue operations.

The massive destruction of forests has shocked citizens of the United States and other parts of the globe. This has resulted in the death of many living creatures that are associated with the forest ecosystem.

Let’s take a deep dive into this topic and assess the current situation and any updates to Hood County fires.

WildFire in Hood

Hood County is the worst affected county, apart from Eastland or Erath. Officials from the fire department issue evacuation orders in order to save lives and property from any possible disaster. Officials list nearby shelters for people who live in high-risk areas.

Wind is moving the fire to newer places, increasing the speed of the wildfire. One firefighter who was involved in the rescue effort sustained injuries. Roger Deeds announced that the Hood County Sheriff was injured on March 20, 2022. Continue reading Hood County Texas.

Sheltering and Evacuating

  • Residents of Lipan should leave their homes and seek shelter in nearby shelters until the wildfires die down.
  • Official Hood County Sheriff deputies visited Lipan to explain the gravity of the situation.
  • The list of available shelter homes was provided by the County Sherriff.
  • Firefighters and officials from the government are working continuously to minimize the damage caused by wildfires.
  • With the rapid spread of fire in new areas, shelter homes will be home to more people.

Hood County Fires

  • Residents of Tolar, Lipan, are most at risk of being affected by wildfires that are spread with the help of wind.
  • To accommodate residents, the County Sherriff set up three shelters at Granbury.
  • The National Weather Service also issued urgent fire warnings to residents at multiple locations.

Shelter Options For Hood Residents

  • First Christian church in Granbury, located at 2109 West Hwy.
  • 1st United Methodist Church is located at 301 Loop, 567 Granbury.
  • The Granbury YMCA can be found at 1475 Road. Learn more about Hood County Fires.
  • A second shelter is located at Ros Lane Granbury 1226, Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Camp Cruis can be found in Granbury.
  • In addition to shelter houses, temporary camping sites are also available for those affected by the fire.
  • The affected residents are provided with a camping site at Somervell Expo in Glen Rose.


If wildfires are not properly controlled, they can cause severe damage. Residents of Hood County are moved to shelter homes as part of the evacuation process. For more information, please visit

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