Are you a Pokémon fan and plan to buy a Pokémon TCG Booster Box from Honloni? Why don’t you read the review before concluding this deal?

In Honloni, you can search for Pokémon related items such as Pokeballs, Tin Cards with a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

They sell all their products at lower prices. That’s why US customers are asking so much about it.

What does the website offer?

Honloni offers Pokémon Booster Box, Terrarium Pokeball and Pokemon Jewelery at low prices. It is exciting that they also sell sewing related products such as sewing stations, sewing cabinets, elastic drawstring, hand shower etc.

They have limited products in their collection, perhaps because they are new to the market. Let’s see if- Does Legitor exist to cheat people for their money?


• Link to the website:

• The age of the domain registration is 24-02-2021 on

• Products: Honloni offers items such as Pokémon Booster Box, Terrarium Pokeball, Pokémon Jewelery, Sewing Stations, etc.

• Social Media: Have a Facebook account as a social media presence.

• Email ID:

• They did not provide the company’s contact number on the website.

• Payment mode: PayPal

• They also did not provide the physical address of the company.

• Shipping Policy: The company takes 2-3 business days to process your order. Standard delivery time is 11-18 business days.

• Cancellation: They only accept cancellation if the item fails to ship. The company’s credit guarantees a full refund if canceled on time.

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• Returns and Refunds Policy: According to our research in reviews, customers have 14 days to submit a return request upon delivery. They will ask for a receipt or proof of order. Once approved, they will refund the amount via the original payment method within the days specified.


• Honloni offers products at a significantly lower price than on any other website.

• The site is HTTPS certified.


• The site is ranked 2% on and ranked 2.6 / 100 on fraud detector.

• The customer service mail id does not match the domain name.

• The registering country is China and no physical address is available.

• Content is plagiarized.

• The site is operated by Shoplazza, which is questionable.

• No real buyer reviews were found for this online store.

Is legal or fraud?

After checking every detail, we are here to summarize everything for you.

• The age of the domain is 24-02-2021, which means it is not even one month old.

• The email address does not match the domain name and it’s suspicious again.

• We cannot ignore the 2% low confidence score

• Too low prices of products

• China as a company that records and copied content.

• Their rules seem fine, but they take almost a month to implement.

However, we can understand the lack of reviews on Trustpilot as this is a new online store.

Therefore, we consider it questionable. Reviews

With the online shopping platform recently launched and not yet over a month old, it’s hard to get reviews out of it. The same thing happened with Honloni. However, there is a YouTube video and a Reddit post from which you can rate this site.

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US users expressed their suspicions because they could not believe the low prices of the products. In addition, they see the steady decline in stocks as a red flag.

They have a Facebook account but no ratings. Likewise, Trustpilot doesn’t have a single recommendation from its customers. It is possible that people did not know about it yet. So let’s wait for the original reviews as many have been trying them out.

Final verdict

It is easy to get caught in the trap of companies that promise to provide high-quality products at a lower price. Honloni seems exactly like them. It has Pokémon cards and toys that are sure to attract a lot of people.

But we shouldn’t overlook red marks like missing owner identity information, business address and phone number, content plagiarism, Shoplazza technology, 2% trust score, and mismatched email address and domain name.

The online store is new to the market, and a lot of people on Reddit and YouTube are still thinking of trying it out. Therefore, we advise our readers to research before buying here or avoid it at all costs.

Could you please be the first to save reviews in our comments section and tell us if you or your friends have purchased anything here before?


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