Israel is a country that has a wide variety of tasty treats that are worth trying. From fresh fruit and vegetables to delicious pastries and chocolate, there’s something for everyone. With an Israeli subscription box service, you can enjoy all these mouthwatering delights throughout the year. Check out the various Israeli treats from the list below:


Bamba is a popular snack in Israel. It comprises puffed corn snacks with peanut butter. The snack is kosher and gluten-free, which makes it suitable for those on restricted diets.

Honey Candies

Honey is a sweet and delicious treat that has been a staple in the country for many years. It is made from flowers and nectar collected by bees. The bees then return the nectar to their hives, turning it into honey.

Candies made from honey are a traditional Israeli treat. They’re made with honey, sugar, and other ingredients such as anise or mint. The result is a sweet that can be chewy or crunchy, depending on how you process it.


Cheesecake is a classic Israeli treat that you can’t go wrong with. You may find it in restaurants, cafes, and delis in Israel. Cheesecake can be a dessert during meals. It’s also available in different flavors.

You can serve cheesecake with toppings like chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, and fruit jam, or you can eat it plain. Cheesecake is a delicious treat for any occasion.

Chocolate Rugelach

Chocolate rugelach is a popular dessert in Israel. The dough for these treats is made with puff pastry, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. It’s easy to make at home, but if you don’t have time to make your pastry dough, plenty of premade options are available. The filling of this sweet and rich snack has a doughy texture.


Halva is a sweet, crispy confection made of toasted sesame paste. It is often flavored and shaped into bars or flowers. The ingredients can vary, but vanilla and chocolate are popular flavors. You can enjoy halva plain or spread it on bread as an alternative to butter or jam.

Halva also tastes great with tea. You can use halva as a filling for cakes and pastries like lemon meringue pies.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a blend of coffee beans and cardamom. It’s served in a small cup with sugar and milk. You can also add vanilla to enhance the flavor.

This classic Israeli drink varies from region to region. Some people prefer their coffee strong with lots of spices, while others prefer it with a more mild flavor. If you are unsure about how much Turkish coffee to brew, start with one tablespoon per person.

Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cake is a simple snack that Israelis and people around the world may love. It consists of vanilla essence, whipped cream, and cream cheese. You can place the creamy filling between butter biscuit layers to create a sweet Israeli dessert.

Israeli Wines 

Israeli wines are from sun-drenched vineyards and may be recognized for their good quality. The climate in Israel is perfect for growing grapes. Sunny days and cool nights provide ideal conditions for growing vines. This makes it possible to produce tasty, high-quality wine at affordable prices. 

Winemakers in Israel may choose these grapes because they’re all very different from each other and give the wine a unique taste profile. You can serve wine chilled or at room temperature. 

Dried Fruit and Nuts

Dried fruit and nuts are a great way to sample the local cuisine or simply enjoy a snack when you’re on the go. You can find these in markets all over Israel, local supermarkets, or specialty stores.

A variety of dried fruits can make up a normal snack mix. Apricots, cherries, and raisins are some of the standard options available to buyers. Other options may include pistachios and almonds. Dried fruit and nuts provide a healthy, quick option for anyone looking for a sweet and savory snack.

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