A home renovation often requires more work than we imagine. It’s not a matter of demolishing one wall today, the next one tomorrow, and then installing flooring. In reality, it is necessary to plan very well what will be done. This will give us the assurance that the result of the renovation will be perfect.

So, if you are thinking of doing a renovation in your house and you don’t know where to start. Here we will tell you all about the architect in Marbella, what is the ideal method for remodeling, what to consider, and much more.

What should I do before starting the renovation?

Yes, when we talk about a renovation, sometimes we think that it will start with the work of changes, but in reality the work starts earlier. So if you don’t know anything about home renovation where to start here we will tell you everything you need to know.

Plan what you want to do

Before you start, you must know what you want to do. That is, a home renovation can be done in phases, and these phases will have to be defined. An efficient way to do this is to establish priorities.

For example, if you want to renovate your entire house, but you are more urged to start with the living room, this might be a good place to start.

Let the specialists who will help you with the renovation know what your goals are and what matters most to you. And while they may suggest another system, it’s a good place to start.

Choose a style

One of the first doubts when we talk about home renovation where to start, is the style of decoration. Although this will be defined almost at the end of the process, it should be known from the beginning. This will allow you to choose the perfect floors to match the ceilings, structures and more. To do this, look online for inspiration and listen to architects who are helping you.

Establish a budget

The budget is one of the most important things in a renovation, as this will define how much you can do. This will help you define the type of materials that can be used, what kind of renovations can be done and how much you can cover. It is essential to specify this from the beginning to avoid extra expenses that are not planned.

Get professionals 

Whether a renovation will turn out as planned depends on who is involved. This is a task for qualified professionals, and architects Marbella has the best in home renovations.

It is impossible to do a renovation alone, because even if you have some knowledge of decoration, this will not allow you to do demolitions, repairs and reforms efficiently. To help you with this, you must get the best, and the ones we recommend you with closed eyes is the Klicarquitectos team.

This is a group of qualified professionals in the area of architecture who know perfectly how to carry out a project of this type. If you contact them, they can design what you imagine and make it a reality in the ideal time.

In which area should the renovation begin?

Before we told you about the steps to follow before starting, but if you still have doubts about the home renovation where to start, here are the suggested areas to start. Keep in mind that depending on the renovation the guidelines may be different, but these are the standard indications.


Starting with the bathroom is the best option. This is because it is an area of the house that is considered independent. Bathrooms have different light fixtures, water fixtures and coverings, so it is a good idea to start there. You can start with the demolitions and then move on to changing the shower, tile and more.


The option to continue with the kitchen will be efficient whether it is a separate area, or if it is a living room and kitchen that are in the same room. For example, if your kitchen is divided with walls and separated from the living room, it is appropriate to start there as a separate space.

Now, if your living room and kitchen are in the same room, you won’t have a choice, and the renovations will have to be simultaneous. This will serve to unify the floors and the rest of the details will create the same ambiance.


The timing of when you install the flooring in your home will depend on your plan. For example, if each area will have a different floor, you can do it by space. Now, if the whole house will have the same floor, it is best to install it at the same time. Also, it is recommended to buy all the flooring at once, so you avoid that when you go to buy more, they are no longer available.


Whether you plan to paint the walls, or put up wallpaper, this will be one of the last steps. Walls are one of the finishing touches of the renovation and are always left for last. It is not uncommon during renovation for the walls to get splattered, a little banged up or dirty. Then, if you paint or cover the walls with paper, and it gets stained, you will have lost everything.


The last phase of the process is decorating. This is something you can start thinking about before or during the renovation. What you can never do is start decorating while the renovation is going on.

Starting with the decoration before or during the renovation can create problems of delays, because the furniture will have to be taken out and put in every time a change has to be made. 

In addition, many decorative elements could get dirty, broken and damaged during the renovation, and this is a loss that is not contemplated in the budget.Therefore, we recommend that you wait until the end of the remodeling to start decorating. In the meantime, you can look for inspiration to define what you want.