Luxurious interior designs with a soothing color palette can give a modern touch to your house. But the presence of greenery can brighten up the whole interior. Indoor plants with big leaves are always a must-have decor in your space. Home is where the soul lies so, to make your home a better place. Plants can transform the beauty of your house that no other artifacts can. Not only indoor plants can change the look of the home, but also it reduces carbon dioxide levels and increases humidity. It also keeps the air temperature down, providing a cooling effect. It also reduces airborne dust levels.

So here is a list of some indoor tall plants: 

  1. Norfolk Island pine- These plants can grow up to 100 feet high. The benefit of planting the Norfolk Island pine is that it has zero immigrants to the indoors and is effortless to take care. However, these are not real pines.
  2. Yucca – Yucca is a tenacious plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors, but these are popular for indoor growth. It requires sufficient light and doesn’t need much water to grow. Though various other plants which quickly can grow and the popular array grew among them is Y.
  3. Kentia palm (Howea Forsteriana) – Kentia palm is native to Lord Howe Island. It is just like an ordinary-looking house farm palm trying to do well in any environment. It requires more light and soggy soil in summer to have proper growth.

4.Philodendron – Philodendron is of various species like Gloriosum, Variifolium, and others. These plants require less water, but the soil should not dry up.

5.Polyscias –This plant has any unique type of leaves that can brighten up a dull room. It is beautiful as well as low maintenance. People without green fingers find this plant ideal as it tolerates darkness and occasionally requires fertilizing with frequent watering.

6.Ficus –Having multiple species, ficus Benjamina is famous for being a comfortable being and its economic benefits. It frequently sheds its leaves which can often be highly aggravating.

7.Umbrella tree – An Indoor prevalent plant having different varieties which are also known as Schefflera. These plants have large, banana-shaped leaves, and they grow tall and speedy. These ideas by The Architecture Designs is worth implementing.

8.Dracaena – This plant is commonly known as a tall indoor plant. It has dome-shaped conciliate foliage. It is famous for its easy availability, economic advantage, and easy maintenance. This plant has other benefits like its resilience to humidity in addition to low light. tall indoor plants can provide comfort to your eyes.Tall plants can help you have the essence of outdoors within your indoors.

9.Bird of Paradise – The plant is named Bird of Paradise for its exceptional flower. It has an awesome blossom which is quite huge. The leaves are monsters and can provide your home with a very natural look. This plant’s unique characteristic is that they thrive well if kept indoors, but it has a requirement of 4 to 5 hours of daily sunlight. Big leaves indoor plants can enhance the color palette of a particular area.

10.European olive – The other name of European olive is Olea Europaea, also recognized as brown olive, wild olive iron tree, Indian olive, and Olienhout. These plants vary from a height of 2 to 15 meters. This plant requires a lot of sunlight exposure for its growth.

11.Bamboo plants – The bamboo plant which is a flowering plant species in Asparagaceae, is native to Central Africa. Bamboo plants are easy to take care of and are low maintenance.

As mentioned above, the plants were a few examples of tall indoor plants shortlisted by The Architecture Designs. Various other indoor plants are available in the market which can quickly transform your home into an eco-friendly exotic place.