Nothing steals the show like Christmas. 30% to 40% fewer babies are born on Christmas than on peak days of the year. Doctors and expectant parents are out partying, not getting ready for birth. 

The children who are saddled with a December birthday are met with a challenge. They must have a good birthday without relying too much on the holidays. 

What should you do to make your loved one feel special on their birthday? Should you avoid the holidays entirely, or should you group them with the birthday? How can you create an experience that they will appreciate? 

Answer these questions and you can determine the right birthday for a Christmas baby. Here are eight tips you can follow. 

1. Separate the Birthday From Christmas

Combining birthdays in December with Christmas may kill two birds with one stone. But it can make someone feel like their birthday is not special. 

You should create a separate birthday experience for your loved one. When in doubt, throw a traditional birthday party. Give them a birthday cake, presents, and decorations. 

It is okay to leave your Christmas decorations up. You can also give your loved one gifts on Christmas. But make an effort to treat their birthday on the same level as Christmas and other winter holidays. 

An easy way to distinguish the birthday from Christmas is to throw a summer-themed occasion. You can host a luau in your kitchen, or you can take everyone to the beach. Buy some summer-themed party supplies from your local party store. 

2. Make a Birthday Tree

You can turn your Christmas tree into a birthday tree. Remove the Christmas-themed ornaments from your tree unless they have your loved one’s name on them. You can leave the lights on your tree, as long as you can fit other things on it. 

You can then attach balloons to your branches and streamers. Use a ladder so you can hang the streamers down from the top all the way to the floor. Feel free to put the presents for your loved one underneath the tree. 

3. Piggyback a Holiday Event 

Piggybacking a holiday event is a good idea if you want to save money and add a little holiday cheer to the birthday. You can bring your loved one to a Christmas parade, and then you can take them out to dinner. 

Piggybacking tends to work best with children. For adults, you should try to do something more distinct. But you don’t have to avoid the holidays entirely, as long as you express how you feel about your loved one. 

4. Create an Experience 

Many people are tired of parties by the time New Years Day rolls around. If you plan on inviting people over for a birthday, you can consider taking them on an experience instead. 

You can go to a new location and participate in a group activity. Skiing and sledding are great for adults and children alike. 

You can also take the family on a vacation. Companies offer discounted packages because of the holidays. Find a place that your loved one wants to go and take some time off from work. 

5. Offer Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are always nice for a December birthday. You can say whatever you want, as long as it is sincere. If you are having trouble with ideas, you can look at sweet birthday wishes for Mom and get inspiration.

You can send cards with your wishes on them. But your cards should be for birthdays, not winter holidays. Ask anyone who will send a card to your loved one to send a card specifically for birthdays. 

6. Be Flexible With Timing

Many local communities have events throughout December. This makes it hard to find a good time to throw a party.

Saturdays and Sundays tend to be especially busy. See if you can schedule a birthday event for a weekday. 

Many events occur during the evenings. You can host a birthday breakfast or lunch instead of a dinner. If your loved one likes to stay up late, you can host an event late at night. 

When in doubt, move the birthday event to January. After January 1, people’s schedules will open up and they will be more willing to attend parties.

7. Throw a Half Birthday Party

If the December holidays consume too much of your time, you can commemorate your loved one’s half birthday instead. This is a great idea for people with a Christmas birthday. You can give your full attention to your loved one in June. 

You should still do something to commemorate their actual birthday. You should wish them well and host an event with some of their friends. 

8. Take Suggestions 

Some people like the fact that their birthday is in December. It gives them the opportunity to celebrate two or more special occasions close together. 

Talk to your loved one about what they want for their birthday. They may want you to throw a full party on Christmas Day. 

At a minimum, try to understand what they want for a present. They may want something like a household tool instead of a toy or appliance. They can also ask you to donate to charity. 

Eight Ways to Commemorate a December Birthday

You can celebrate a December birthday the right way. Do not group Christmas and birthday celebrations together. You can find small ways to commemorate both at once, but you should keep the two largely separate. 

Give your loved one an experience and plenty of happy wishes. Be flexible with when you throw an event so their friends can attend. 

Consider an event in June, or take their suggestions for what they want. Make sure they feel loved and appreciated. 

Party planning requires the facts. Learn more about party planning by following our coverage.