Are you among those who Wish to have your own swimming pool where you can dive daily? Perhaps you have considered purchasing above-the-ground swimming pools to your location?

If so, you must have gone By means of this site selling Intex pools for improving your fun time and rejuvenating yourself. However, most of the people from the United States are frightened of buying from a brand new online shop.

This Is the Reason Why We’ll assist you by Offering unbiased Reviews inside this informative article. Let us have a look at each detail linked to this site. Exploring it is Out and In

This Site claims to sell a number of the high Demanded seasonal products. It is essentially promoting above-the-ground pools made by Intex, which is definitely a big name.

Apart from selling pools, this website also Claims to sell other useful products, including atmosphere furniture and air beds.

Now, considering the interface Of this website, we discovered it is poorly designed and has not done much to make its internet presence visible. Therefore, let’s move ahead to know — Is Legit or not.

What merchandise does it claim to offer?

We are highlighting some of the products that You can see displayed on this website.

It includes:

Over the ground pools

· Krystal Clear Filtration & Sanitation

· Metal Frame

· Prism Frame

· Ultra XTR Frame

Air Furniture

· Lounge

· Sofa

· Chairs

· Bed set for Children


· Dura-beam deluxe string

· Dura-beam premium series

· Dura-beam standard series

However, before we get Attracted by all these operational productswe should check some extra details about this website, including its specifications, pros, and cons, and above all, Reviews, so that we can protect you from taking a wrong purchasing decision.

· URL of the site:

· Products sold: Air furniture and above-the-ground portable pools.

· Domain Age: 19th March 2021

· Office address: Not Given

· Email address:

· Acceptable payment manners: PayPal

· Return Policy: The website has mentioned 7 days interval in which you can claim a refund.

· Shipping cost: Free transport

· Overall Shipping period: It involves processing time and transport time

· Client Reviews: 5-star rating to every product on the site but no Reviews anyplace online.

Experts of buying from

· All of the products sold on the site are tremendously functional

· The Web Site has a safe https connection

· The goods have hefty discounts and seem to be of great quality.

Disadvantages of buying from

· The site is too new and cannot be reliable as a result of this sole reason.

· The trust status of this website is only 0.7 out of 100

· All of the swimming pools have the same cost, which is dubious

· The quality of the site is suspicious because of its poor interface.

· The website does not have metadata which means its online existence is 0.

Is Legit?

Believing on every second site at this Point in time isn’t a smart option. Therefore, we place our highest job into finding out if this site is untrue or not.

Let’s have a look at all the checkpoints:

· HTTPS connect: Though the website has is procured HTTPS connection, you can’t completely trust it with this ground.

· Domain Age: The website is just around 2 months old, so it’s not built the confidence of online customers however.

· Social Media Activeness: No social media presence has been discovered.

· Customer Reviews: Lack of Internet Reviews on a trusted website

· Website Look: It seems that the site has used copied content because we discovered similar articles on other sites too. About us, the webpage is extremely disappointing.

· Owner Information: Nothing about the online presence of this website or owner information is given on the website.

· Considering all these important points, we can’t state this website is trustworthy in any way. We advise you to stay away from this highly suspicious-looking website.

Which are Reviews given from the Online Shoppers?

Here, we try to find out customer reviews for This website so you are able to find some positive highlights. But this site has disappointed us here also.

It will not have some customer review because The website is not interested in sharing its internet presence. It lacks metadata, so people cannot find out this website easily on search engines.

However, what shocked us was that the 5-star Rating on the site. Every item has received a five-star rating that’s not real at all. You should steer clear of this site. If you are considering purchasing Intex pools, please look into the official site.

Do you understand how you can get a PayPal refund in case you’ve ever involved yourself in any fraudulent activity? Please check on this link and get your refund.

Final Insight

We are not in favour of buying Anything from this site. It appears highly dubious to us. Deficiency of Reviews, poor quality site, and fresh registration date make it an unreliable website.

Which website did you normally prefer to Purchase furniture from?