You can read the H&M Fitting Room Tweet Video for complete details not available elsewhere. Learn about the case and H&M’s response.

H&M, also known by the Hennes&Mauritz Group, is a Worldwide renowned multibrand and retail clothing retailer with its headquarters in Stockholm. H&M is a multi-national company with over 4,801 stores and more than 107,375+ workers.

Did you know that H&M’s fitting room video was leaked in a case at Dang Wangi? This article will provide all details regarding H&M fitting room Twitter video.

H&M fitting room video:

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H&M’s fitting room video went viral across many social media platforms including and several video streaming platforms like The video was posted to several social media accounts that were then suspended.

More than 120 Twitter users have shared Leaked on Reddit posts about H&M fitting rooms videos. Video clips from the internet showed a woman performing offensive acts while sitting in a H&M fitting room.

This is just one of many videos circulated. Women cried when they saw the videos. More than 11 YouTube posts are related to H&M fitting rooms videos.

H&M security manager at JalanImbi filed a complaint to the Dang Wangi district cop station on the 9th of January 2023. According to the security manager, H&M fitting room videos were being circulated online. The video was referenced by @meleisgw, a Twitter user.

H&M fitting room videos have fewer Instagram photos. @meleisgw tweeted the video on January 8, 2023 to highlight that H&M fitting rooms were used for women’s videos. The video was approximately 00:00:11 second long. @meleisgw responded to the post by revealing that she also saw herself in the footage.

At the moment, @meleisgw is not able to access her Twitter account. There are occasionally TikTok posts about H&M fitting rooms videos. Several sources reported that @meleisgw had deleted the post after it was widely shared on the internet.

Noor Delihan Bin Yahaya, ACP, stated in a press release that the incident was under investigation. It was expected that the video footage belonged to another H&M outlet than JalanImbi.

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