Pier-Jean Calmels was a modest farmer who gave birth to the knife-blade in the small mountain village of Laguiole in 1829. Its famous bee, a symbol of prestige, and its origin quality made it the most popular knife in France. Calmels had made two models, Chapuchadou and the Spanish Navaja.

Many years back, this laguiole knife was used as a tool as well as a weapon. Whether man or woman, young or old, carried these knives with them at all times. After a particular time, only the elite and the army were allowed to take this type of body harm materials. In the 18th century, this knife was designed with costly materials, and this is when the knife-blade reached its peak point.

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The bees of the Laguiole – a knife wins the world:

The bee was a logo that points out the unique symbols of the original Laguiole knife made with a file and print. During World War 1, from 1908 to 1909, people were creating a pattern on it, and the bee was symbolized as Laguiole Knife. In World-War-I, the Laguiole knife was considered a death knell knife. After the battle, the workforce almost vanished, and in 1950 only two knife shops maintained the concept and name of the Laguiole knife.

Laguiole knife Modern History:

However, what vanishes always comes in a new way, and a similar thing happened with Laguiole Knife. As per Google, during 1987, Aveyron inhabitants resumed the cutlery factory in Laguiole with the assistance of Thiers people.

They wanted to design it perfectly, so they hire a french designer Philippe Starck, and he designed it using a Yatagan-style tapered blade. From then, Laguiole knives again came in a trend and became popular amongst the people.

However, the Laguiole people claimed that they have made the Laguiole knife and they should get the credit for the same. But Thiers was against this as they have worked almost 200 years on the safeguarding and the evolution of the Laguiole design. So nobody was ready to give up.

Gilbert Szajner, A typical enemy, would before long join the two urban areas. In 1993 thedepartment of N Francebusiness person wanted to patent the Laguiole brand, and they require to import the knife blades made in China, and now on the french market, these knives are made in Asia more than french knives.

This legal drama ensued until the law finally came to a final decision, and declaring that a city name cannot legally be patented so, Laguiole is not a brand anymore. After declaring this, nobody can claim their name on it.


The history of Laguiole Knife is really interesting and gives us goosebumps while reading it as it is full of ups and downs. Many people worked on this masterpiece, and now these knives are available worldwide, and everyone can purchase them regardless of the country they live in. So if you are in need of buying this knife for regular or special use, make your purchase now.